What are you drinking?

Gerard K H Love

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You light weights! Let's hear some drinking out there.

Black Velvet with Coke Classic (w/ caffeine). I noticed, today, when I started that the Black Velvet needs plenty of Coke to kill it's harsh taste. Last night I was drinking some Chillable Red wine in the 5 liter box (tasty in a Kool Ade sort of way).
Bacardi with Coke , later some sweet red wine called "Dornfelder" .That will be a nice evening today . Prost !


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...some Chillable Red wine in the 5 liter box...
All red wine should be chilled before drinking, most people don't realize that. Try it next time you have a bottle of red, the difference in taste can be quite noticeable.

By chill I mean what they call "cellar temperature" - about 60 degrees F. Half an hour in the refrigerator will get you there. The same applies to white wine - it should be taken out of the refrigerator half an hour before drinking, and it will taste better than it does at the refrigerator temperature.

At least that's what a wine geek that I know has told me. I've tried it and I can taste the difference, but my palette is not sophisticated enough to really appreciate it. ;)

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Thank you. If you think about it in the old country in the old days room temperature would be about 60 degrees F. The same thing with Beer.

I may be drinking in a little while when I grill the baby backs with Hoisin sauce and garlic.
Margarita-Tequila, cointreau, little lime juice, orange juice.

Recipe- a shot of each (maybe half shot of the lime juice) a bit tart so throw in a couple of sugars if so inclined.
Haa. Had to get back somehow. I actually don't know shit about wines but I think red wine is better warm and white wine cool. But when I drink wine I drink cheap red that stains your lips and you have to toothbrush it off if you're going out and don't want anybody to think you're wearing bad lipstick. Which is okay if you swing that way. I don't. But now it's fresh, cold, Lappish beer.
Lappish beer?

Had me three or four doses of Duvel last night. That and a bit of the old ganja made for a rather pleasant evening.
Jesus Juice?, will that be strained through the Shroud Of Turin?

hehehehe here comes the heresy...is our esteemed Padre still out here?
Drink Up!



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That's a great pic! - Who would like to kiss those lips anyway? Now we know why their husbands drink! :D
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Hello comrades...

haven't made it on here in a while...got distracted with college...and a new job....

just gotten off the night shift...cracking into a full bottle of ruby port...soon be asleep and drooling...not before i go a tad mental though....

(before you ask its only cheap stuff...from Tesco... an Irish/English establishment...)


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tonight I'm drinking heroin. and I'm writing a poem about it. here's a bit of it:


thank you. please check out my website.


Hehehe..... nice one hooch !
I resemble that remark. That post. That plea for help.....

her name was Jana
and my drug is not heroin

but is instead P.R. Rum
and coca-cola

and lame
stacking of poesy
imitation bullshit

in her memory
and that which
was spilled years ago

into my hairy cup

and blinking at the stars

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I had nothing but white wine and N.A. beer in the house so I picked up some Cabernet sauvignon and once again life is good. (sure there was some hard liquor but it's not the time for hard drink.)
So I just had a sip, ah life is good.
Prost Cowboy! Drink one for me, bro. You'll drink the six pack and the cat will throw up, you have some kind of symbiosis.
I usually start the evening with a bottle of redwine (chianti or bordeaux), often followed by a few bottles of jever beer after midnight.

During summertime I also have a bottle of ricard (anise liqueur) and a bag of ice cubes in the house.
The doc says I'm healthy :)

Gerard K H Love

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Finally after what seems like forever, I got some Scotch. Even cheap Scotch is better than no Scotch.
Clan MacGregor on the rocks. Yeah baby.
I dig Scotch, once at a bar I worked as a bartender, off duty you could get any mixed drink for two bucks. They had a bit of top shelf Scotch so I tried them all over a time and picked Glen Livet. For some reason I'm stuck on Scotch being a winter drink so I don't have it that much (just like Margaritas only in summer).

Tonight-3 Tecates earlier and now a "cough medicine" and a couple more beers.
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