What are you drinking?

Gerard K H Love

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On the summer winter theme you mention, I am drinking Vodka and Mango orange juice with Lemon and lime squeezed in. Yes I am smashed. I get to work tomorrow and Sunday.


Cold bottles of Harp. Until I drink up the courage to sweep and mop the kitchen. And if you saw my kitchen floor, you'd buy me a case.


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I only drink Duff Beer. I can't get enough of that tasty Duff..:D

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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Thank you. I am not drinking tonight in case I needed to bust some heads in here. But on Friday I was drinking Bud and shots of Scotch.(cheap)


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Lemon Drops tonight in honor of Marina's birthday. And a couple for the man that concieved her....
I`m drinking "Portugieser Weissherbst" a cheap wine in germany ....brrrr.
Think I go to the gasstation and buy a sixpack of Poland Tyskie


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Well after a long day at work, I came home and headed straight for this.... Ok, side note, well at least for those in the know about "Trader Joe's," the 2 buck chuck belongs to my girlfriend. She love the 2 buck to death! Anyway, I headed straight for the JD!

Edit, I was trying to insert an image of my bar, which show my JD stash, right next to some Charles Shaw red wine, but it wouldn't work, for some reason. Probably my lack of computer skills. So I leave you with this pic...



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I had a beer with Black Swan this afternoon. :) Great afternoon, kind woman, nice gifts, funny anecdotes, wise pieces of advice ! All this makes the beer taste better ! Thank you so much !

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I love black russians and I like a madras (vodka, cran and orange) and greyhounds (vodka, grapefuit) are good but I don't think I've tried a seabreeze (vodka, cran, grapefruit)- I want to remedy this soon.
I've got half a dozen bottles of Grolsch waiting to be drunk. They'll taste even better considering I didn't pay for them :p
One of the only perks of being Belgian is the beer ofcourse...in the fridge and highly recommended:

- Chimay (bleu is the best)
- Duvel
- Westmalle trippel
- Westvleteren (10°)
- Satan (ow yes)

believe me folks, that's a class beer fridge.
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