What are you drinking?

Gerard K H Love

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I'm still working on the Coors after a long day in the sun. The problem with 40s is they get warm or flat. I would rather drink 36oz. 12oz. at a time keeping them cool in the fridge.
Enjoying your day Gerard?

I suppose that would be a problem wi forties. Just drink them fast!

I like how in the US beer is in 355 ml bottles, we get 330. Short-changed on twenty-five bastarding ml!
Yeah we get pints in the pub, and pints of milk. Good old obsolete measurements.

The occasional bottle of beer comes in pint (568ml) bottles, but bottled beers like Bud, Miller, Becks, Leffe, and a lot of British bottled ales, come in 275 and 330 ml bottles.


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stinking hot today.

the old standby:


later, some wine.


Art should be its own hammer.
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chilled. it's a dark orange colour. 6.5% alc., without tasting too alcoholy (not a word, I know).

good stuff. Propeller also makes a bitter, which is very good.
Haha nice.

If you want a strong lager, track down Carlsberg Special Brew. Or even Tennent's Super!

Nine per cent, genius. Disgusting though though.
Today I drank two bottles of Strawberry Mad Dog in the garden.

I'm telling you, that stuff is addictive.

The joy of drinking cheap wine in the garden was amplified incredibly by the knowledge that I've destroyed my ex's relationship with her cousin by fucking her cousin then having a friend "Let it slip" to Louise.

Good times.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Oh my, you have got to be kidding. Gregor, you live in Scotland and you want to drink Corona? MD 20/20? Please!
( maybe we should check and see if you are really in Glasgow )

With all that the great Scottish people have contributed to the art of alcoholic beverages are you sure? Heaven help you.
I'm drinking Highland Park. Ie single malt Scotch.

It's about the best contribution Scotland has made to alcohol.

Corona's better than the Scottish lagers and I don't want to drink ale tonight.

Lolita Twist

I have a strong craving for a light red wine at the moment. A rose`. They sell a Recession Red, rotgut, up here... however, the recession has affected us so badly that I'm afraid I can't even get a hold of that.

So tomorrow, we'll go for the LTD, eh?
Innis and Gunn make a lovely, yet expensive (here, anyway) brew. The only stuff I can get is an 11 or 12-oz bottle of oak cask-aged (casks used for scotch) ale that tastes a fair bit like a hoppy Macallan with a mild yeast infection. At $9 a pop, it's very good, but not quite comes with a rim-job and a roast beef sandwich afterwards good.
It's my second favourite ale. They also do a wonderful rum cask ale and some occasional rare bottlings.

Also, it's bourbon casks they use, not Scotch.

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
I wish I knew.

The red was red, the white was cool, the rosé, we assumed, was a shot of both, mixed on the spot.

But, we got home, somehow...
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I have a strong craving for a light red wine at the moment.
not sure if it's considered light, but it sure is red and damn it's good, and at 2 bucks a bottle, it's my favorite wine ever! 2 buck chuck, Charles Shaw! Not sure if Trader Joe's is in New York, but anyway, since I'm so low on cash, I picked up two bottles of this tonight, and drinking them both alone!