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I don't know. If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to listen to one of those all the way through, I would pick the second one. Something about the Grateful Dead just makes my teeth hurt.
I'm listening to a tree frog that I may seriously have to track down and kill... Sounds like a car alarm and a blender full of ice are fucking on a tin roof somewhere in Alabama while the frat boys hoot and holler...
Maybe I didn't word it properly. I should have said, I just wrote about guys like him.


Saw these guys last night at the Barclay center in Brooklyn. Full house. Very good band. Really worked it for a solid decade before getting this great opportunity to play some big venues.
Anyone with a teensy weensy interest in electronic music (or indeed anyone who loves a bit of peddle steel guitar) should check this out (assuming they haven't already).
Speaking of fine old geezers, here's Ronnie Wood just before he departed for the Stones. Got to be one of my favourite Faces songs, here's their last hit together I think:
I NEED to let you participate:

Just 30 min ago - all of a total SUDDEN - a heavy wind started here. Came out of nowhere. I'm sitting on my machine (d.i. computer) looking out of a still opened window. The wind throughs leaves and dirt inside. Outside a traffic sign just fell.

It doesn't rain at all, but EVERYTHING is moving! Energy in the air.
I think of a most wonderful Bukowski poem:


listening to Wagner
as outside in the dark the wind blows a cold rain the
trees wave and shake lights go
off and on the walls creak and the cats run under the

Wagner battles the agonies, he’s emotional but
solid, he’s the supreme fighter, a giant in a world of
pygmies, he takes it straight on through, he breaks
astonishing FORCE of sound as

everything here shakes
in fierce gamble

yes, Wagner and the storm intermix with the wine as
nights like this run up my wrists and up into my head and
back down into the

some men never
and some men never

but we’re all alive

And since he gave me the matching 'apropos' I sure am listening to Wagner now. It's the overture to the 'Flying Dutchman' conducted by Sir Georg SOLTI (one of the finest)!


I LOVE Solti!
But have just found a version of a conductor I dig even more (in fact Solti and Karajan have been working in his tradition so he's been the Schopenhauer to their Nietzsche - okay, BAD comparison! I'll make up a better one next time): - it's FURTWÄNGLER.
Here's him doing the thing:

[This video is unavailable.]
In just a few mins, I'll be listening in to (and watching) cut-n-paste turntablist DJ Yoda on 6 music.

My son playing "Blackbird" and "Dust In The Wind"....Over and Over..and over again. Each time becoming more fluid than the last. It would probably drive most people nuts but it's very satisfying and refreshing to have another practicing guitarist in the house. However.....my eyes and ears tell me that with persistence, he will soon have the old man asking..."how'd you do that....thing you just did right there."
I would argue that minus Bob they can only ever be 0% back together. But that's just me.
mjp. I agree that without Bob the're not the same but I only discovered them when Pleased to Meet Me came out and didn't get to see them until they were opening for Elvis Costello during Don't Tell a Soul. I'll take what I can get. Let me refer to it as "the Paul and Tommy Get Together for Some Rock 'n' Roll" show. Bob's version of "Can't Hardly Wait":

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