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got The Impressions "Keep on Pushing" yesterday along with "Ray Charles at Newport", The Supremes "We Remember Sam Cooke", and James Brown "I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me". That's long enough to be a title to a Hosho poem.

Long time since I saw that video:), Almond still looks like a distressed hairdresser from Southport..
One from 1980:

Sticking with a bit of brass, the 86 Stones cover wasn't a patch on the original: different decade, but practically perfect in every way, Bob & Earl:

Are you kidding me? I downloaded That Man is Forward and shared that song with the entire staff at work this week. I hadn't heard of him until this week-one of those who is this guy you tube things. Life is strange sometimes-it shakes my realist Saganista bones when this stuff happens.
Chinese food takes away my stress.

I think I found my new tattoo.
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Ellen Foley was Mick Jones's girlfriend in 81. He, along with the Clash and all that appeared on "Sandanista", and with Bill Price, recorded and produced "Spirit of St. Louis". Foley also sang on "Hitsville U.K." and "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"(ugh). Strummer/Jones wrote 6 songs. And last but not least she was on the first season of NIGHT COURT. Sort of a Clash record...in a good way.

[This video is unavailable.]
Last night I had a dream that I was on a spacecraft. It was my first time. The seasoned astronauts were smiling at my reaction to the incredible vertical acceleration I felt as we shot upwards into the sky and away from Earth, and I did feel it, it was quite something. The interior of the vessel was dim, I looked towards a closed hatch and wondered about the structural integrity of it, and I felt so far away from home. It was one of my "shorts". Short intense dreams, they're highly entertaining despite their brevity.
I blame listening to Dynatron, and watching last night's total eclipse of the Moon. And now they've found water on Mars they say. It surely can only be a matter of time before we find our way to the stars. Probably not in my lifetime though. Perhaps at least a manned mission to Mars, that would be a hell of a thing. The craft carrying the astronauts would more than likely need extra thrust to compensate for the planet sized balls of the brave men and women that would undertake such a pioneering journey into the unknown.

Dynatron - Propulsion Overdrive

Dynatron - Stars of the Night

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