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The previous thread had 1000 posts, so here's a new one.

I am listening to the song American Pie in my head, and have been for more than a week now. Make it stop.
Stop listening to your own dictatorial methods. That should help.

A nice start to a new thread. There's a light that never goes out. Thanks, mjp, to start this off with a beautiful love song to distract you from American Pie.
Donna Summer - Greatest Hits Volume I and II on sweet crackling, popping vinyl.


Favorite song off the album, Macarthur Park, brilliant!
Little Richard and the New York Dolls, together at last! They would both be proud.
and right now my mother would be proud... Plus, the guy sings like in 5 different languages on this album! Julio Iglesias - Julio

I'm listening to my "Frank Zappa" channel on pandora dot com.

And it's STILL playing too much Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, and Pink Floyd.

Anyway the FZ selections are great: "For Calvin and His Next Two Hitch-Hikers", "Peaches En Regalia",....
Little Richard and the New York Dolls, together at last! They would both be proud.

it is fitting in a way, isn't it?

I just watched a video of M.I.A. confusing Letterman. with the dude from Suicide (can't remember his name. Rev something?).

[This video is unavailable.]

anyway, I enjoyed it. cannot guarantee your enjoyment. heh.
Martin Rev, confusing the world for 40 years.

Sonny (Vincent) was a big fan of Suicide and his band Testors did shows with them at CBGB and other NYC shitholes. Imagine Suicide playing to those hippies at the Mercer Arts Center, where the Dolls used to play in 1971, 72. I would have liked to have seen that. The Mercer crowd diligently trying to pretend to dig it, baby! while Suicide was making as much only-musical-in-theory noise as they could. Must have been something.
right! I thought Rev was the first name, but I may have been muddling it with Stiv Bators.

I remember reading (I think) in Please Kill Me that audiences were openly hostile to Suicide. not punk rock hostile, but true I want to kill you while you mother watches hatred.
They were not an easy band to love, you could say that.

I couldn't listen to them, but then I didn't have the benefit of seeing them live in the early 70s. Maybe if I had...nah, I still wouldn't have been able to listen to them.

But I'm all for anyone who provokes an audience into any kind of reaction. Suicide, the original Stooges, Andy Kaufmann, Lady Gaga - you know they are on to something when you can't be ambivalent.
Rickie Lee Jones - Girl At Her Volcano

Rainbow Sleeves
This is a song from the record that was written for her by Tom Waits.

and from the same disc
Lush Life

and another from the record
Walk Away Renee / Notes from the Ninth Ward

Happy to see that someone finally put some tracks from GAHV online. Last I checked, it was only available as a pricey Japanese import. Best EP of covers ever.
Carol Es played drums on a Rickie Lee Jones record (ghostyhead). I just thought I'd throw that out there, but don't tell her I did. She wouldn't want me mentioning it, you know. She would downplay it.
Found a sweet deal today, 20LP's for 20 bucks! I'm starting with The Supremes, because well, they rock!

The most under-appreciated Ramones album ever, Pleasant Dreams!!!!

and here's thee best song on the album, You Sound Like You're Sick!
The Cramps' Tear it up or how to fuck with amplis ().
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Ambreen said:
give a blowjob to a mike.

That's featured in this :(

URGH! A Music War.jpg

Not sure I'd recommend this particular dvd release (too high a price for a dvd-r - URGH! indeed) but this is well worth watching if you've the chance.
Santana - Soul Sacrifice which is, to me anyway, one of the two best performances in the Woodstock film. It always pumps my adrenaline way up.
[This video is unavailable.]

Here's the other best performance.
[This video is unavailable.]
I like it too. Nice tune.

Unfortunately my school-French is a long way off, but I've read that the lyrics are supposed to be very funny, mocking some famous "Chanson de Prevert"?
Serge Gainsbourg is kind of a French version of the great Bobby Goldsboro.

Both of them make me want to shoot, with a big gun, the machine the sound is coming from when they are singing. That's a violent reaction, I understand, but you could see it as positive, since shooting things is fun. On the other hand, they both suck decaying beaver balls, so I'm not really sure which way to go on this one.

I can see William S. Burg and his crew digging some Gainsbourg (on vinyl only) while they mince about in their skinny jeans sucking down cheap swill beer and American Spirit cigarettes and pretending they have vaginas.
Interesting. Really.

Personally I don't like the early Gainsbourg at all.
His later work is much better.

What's your opinion on Jacques Brel, mjp?
I am not a Gainsbourg fan at all. I mean, I know almost nothing from him, except the one with the lot of panting everybody knows. And I've seen the clip of the talkshow where he tells Whitney Houston that he'd like to fuck her. Both are not necessarily signs of genius, imho.

But I like "Chanson de Prevert". It's somewhat kitschy, of course. But still I like it.
Bobby Goldsboro music is too square for elevator music. It is, however an excellent medium for bringing people down from bad LSD trips.
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