What are your top 3 or top 5 Bukowski short stories? (1 Viewer)

I am a newcomer to Bukowski, and I love the short story 'A Day'.

What are your top 3 or top 5 Bukowski short stories (not poems)?

All responses welcome :)
It's been a while since I read them, but my recollection is that they were all good. For some reason individual short stories didn't stand out for me; it was like they were all one continuous story, which made for an interesting reading experience. Just pick up one of the collections - SOUTH OF NO NORTH or HOT WATER MUSIC, for example - and read them straight through. You won't be disappointed.
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I have bought 'Run With The Hunted', so was looking for advice on what stories to start with from that. Don't have time to read the full, huge compilation.
You can just dip in anywhere. Run is a great primer. Most of the prose in the collection is untitled excerpts anyway.

But it does spoil 'South of No North' as some of the best Run stories are taken from South.
I went from Run With the Hunted, to South of No North, to Septuagenarian Stew and was quite pleased. I have only been reading Bukowski for 4 years.
"All The Assholes In The World And Mine" from South Of No North is one of my favorites because it's so brutally funny. But I can't really figure out a top 3 or 5.
my favorit stories are the ones that talk about the good ole days .how the main page was a weight lifter and a clickable link to the coolest fattest forum of the day.

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