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Hey guys. I'm new to posting here, so sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I'm trying to figure out what band Bukowski was talking about in "Captain is out.." book.

There's one story/entry in the book where he talks of visiting Dodger stadium I think, to see a band who were big fans of his. In the story it doesn't seem he was too big a fan of the bands. However I've always racked my brain trying to figure out what band he was talking about?

Anyone know?
Hey everyone, old reader, new poster here. Does anyone know what band Buk is referring to in the story/entry about visiting Dodger Stadium to see a band?

If I remember, it seemed he was invited by the band, because they were fans of his, though he wasn't much of a fan of theirs?

For some reason, this has always intrigued me, thinking about Buk at Dodger Stadium watching a concert.

Any help, much appreciated.
my pleasure.
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i was just reminded of a heckler at a U2 concert. bono clapped his hands, and said, "every time i clap my hands a child in africa dies." and someone heckled, "stop clapping your hands then!"

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