What brand of Scotch did Bukowski drink? (1 Viewer)

as far as Scotch goes, I don't think he was brand loyal. most likely a well scotch (versus top shelf), like Cutty Sark.

but I could be wrong.
There's an infamous scene in Women where Buk and Linda King are "exchanging" his bust after a good drunk, and Buk explains how Linda kept coming by and breaking his bottle of booze because she's pissed about his drinking. He adds a line, spoken on the telephone exchange with Linda, something to the effect of:

"It is now 6 AM, and the liquor store will be open for another 22 hours. I am now peeling the cellophane from a pint of Cutty Sark..."

So no, you're not wrong, hooch.
I agree...the only Scotch I remember being mentioned by name is Cutty Sark..."a pint of Cutty..."

I thought I read a Cutty mention in a poem recently: Re-read BURNING, DANGLING, YOU GET SO ALONE this past week or 2...so maybe in there some where?

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