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I'm never not-reading a Buk novel. I rotate the five of them (sometimes skipping Pulp) and re-read all the shorts once a year or so. Sometimes I'll binge on whatever poetry collections I can find. When I'm at my lowest I go to Netflix and watch Matt Dillon though I've always felt John C. Reilly would have made the best Buk. Buk is probably the reason I keep writing and I guess here is where I drop my shameless plug: http://www.gregwestfiction.com/. It's good to know there's a place where us degenerate pukes can gather and discuss the Master.
Welcome. I've read most of his stuff and yes, i too enjoy rereading Buk, all of it in varying degrees.
I really liked your Window Tramp story. That said, there ought to be a rule against promoting your writing in a first post.
Well, I could have shilled on the David Sedaris forum (I'm sure there is one). I admit it is shameless and selfish and I feel like a bowlful of beershit now.

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