What did Bukowski think of Jean Toomer ? (1 Viewer)

Jean Toomer had been, more or less, a 'factotum'.
He said in the letter 'To the Liberators (1922)': 'I have worked, it seems to me at everything: selling papers, delivery boy, soda clerk, salesmen, ship-yard worker, librarian-assistant, physical director, school teacher, grocery clerk, and God knows what all. Neither the universities of Wisconsin of New York gave me what I wanted, so I quit them.'
Although the types of jobs seem to be of less labour related works (librarian-assistant, school teacher, etc.) instead of really random ones and hardcore blue-collar jobs, the last sentence about him quitting them jumped up to me as I thought of the Chinaski in Factotum.
What are your thoughts ?

(or reccs for secondary readings ? thank Bukrothers and sisters)

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