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OrIginal Typescript of "THAT ONE" by Bukowski dated and signed. RARE Early Item

And I don't think you're seeing one there.

The pictures are shitty so it's hard to say anything about it for certain, but even so, you can see tell-tale signs that it is a carbon.

First, the type is bold and fuzzy, which the carbons always are (compare it to the accompanying letter, which he likely typed at the same time as the poem - the type of the letter is noticeably more distinct).

But maybe more telling are the little lines at the top of the page. They are from the carbon paper, and you see them on most of his carbons. You definitely would not see those on an original (they could be paperclip marks, but without a good picture, and with the other factors here, I have to lean toward them being carbon paper marks).

In addition to that, the seller is mistaken that Martin had Bukowski make carbons "later." He started making them in 1969.

Bearing all of that in mind, I certainly wouldn't buy it as an original without a good quality scan. Even if it is an original, his price is twice what the recent market will bear. I have two original poem typescripts (the only two I've ever seen on the market), and I didn't pay more than $500 for either of them. I think they're worth more than carbons, but the fact that I was able to buy them for that price kind of tells the story.

As a 1971 carbon it's still not common, and I'd pay around $500 for it if I was looking for manuscripts. If it is an original, more like $750. But $1500 is way off the wall whether it's carbon or original. 10 years ago that price might have been reasonable (even for a carbon, believe it or not), but ten years is a long time.

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