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What do you think it's worth? (1 Viewer)

It is worth at least what his starting bid was and probably more than the BIN price. I watched this book sell at auction and was amazed that it sold to him for $600 (plus the buyer's premium). I would buy it in a second if I had the money. Sure, it is not a copy of Post Office with painting, but it is a Bukowski book in Hardback with a painting.

I can't see him lowering the starting or BIN price again. If this sells for the $550 low bid, he will have eaten $140 on the book. I can't see it going any lower....

It's worth what he's asking. It's worth what he asked the first time.

I think though, that the bibliographies don't have the same wide appeal that a Bukowski-written book does. Also, if that was a stronger painting - a portrait, or at least something figurative - it would have sold first time out of the box (and probably would have sold for more at the auction).

That copy tempts me every time he lists it, but the painting just doesn't do it for me. Not even in Dorbin (a relatively rare book), and not even for $600. If that painting was in one of the novels or poetry collections, might be a different story.
man,... if I had the money that baby would be sitting on my book shelve, probably with drool all over it....
I don't think it got any bids, did it? I missed the ending....... but c'mon whats the dirt?
Cirerita was the winner at $602.... Sometimes ebay still lets you see the winner, by accident. I bet that the other two were on this forum...

A more than fair price and less that it was sold t auction two months ago...

There were three last minute snipers. I bet all of them are here.

I wasn't one of them...
What was your max bid?
I was damned tempted to que it up
But had just spent $....

Hey (Agent ;) ) Cirerita,
Could I baby-sit the book for a little while...
You know, prepare her for the trip overseas
I kind of suspected that this would be the last chance to grab this book. First, my max bid was $575 but then I thought: "Hmm, maybe someone will bid $600 or $601" so I bid $602, just in case. As it turns, the other max bids were $601 and $601.99, so I outbid someone for less than a dollar!

Zoom Man, this is a very special mission. The Dorbin biblio -code name- will leave US territory ASAP :D
i think the painting alone is worth the price. for an 'amateur' painter he's a real natural
I was $601.99. A few days ago I set up a snipe at $659, but lowered it this morning. So you beat me by a penny. The $601 bidder was someone new to eBay (registered less than 90 days).
Ha! Beaten by a penny! You could write a poem out of that ;)

I was thinking of this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip I read years and years ago. Calvin is heading home from school and, all of a sudden, he sees a big pool of murky water. He smiles, runs at full speed and happily jumps into the pool. When he gets home soaked in dirty water, he sees his mom is looking at him with her eyes wide open and he says: "It couldn't be avoided."

To me, the funniest part is the impersonal "it". If he had said: "I couldn't avoid it", it wouldn't had been that funny as it would had been too obvious. The impersonal "it" -as if some sort of invisible energy/force actually pushed him into the pool of water- was what made me laugh. Wish I could find that comic strip online.

Anyway, think of the Dorbin biblio as that murky pool of water: it couldn't be avoided :D
Well, I'm glad you got it. I lowered my maximum bid because I really couldn't afford to buy the book right now -- but I couldn't afford to let it get away for $550 either. ;) Scott gets a lot of my money pricing things that way. Heh.
I think that's the cheapest rare book -one of 50, hardcover only- with a Bukowski painting that I've seen in a while. Of course, it's not by Bukowski and the painting is not his best one, but it's a rare piece nonetheless. I'm glad you lowered your max bid to $601,99 and not to -say- $605 ;)

hey, does anyone here recall the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip I mentioned earlier?
...the painting is not his best one...
I warmed up to that painting when I started seeing it as a face, rather than an abstract scrawl. If you take the red spot as an eye, you can see a face there, looking over your left shoulder. ;)
found the damned Calvin and Hobbes comic strip!

I was wrong, though. The comic strip is way better than my recollection!

I received the book a couple of days ago (Scott charged me $30 for shipping - ouch) and I must say that the painting looks really great. The pic shown on the listing didn't do it justice.

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