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OK all you x-purtz what do you make of this?
from 1969??... Hmmmm just don't know....?
Hi. In my opinion, the book in that picture was not signed by Bukowski.
That is pretty funny (unless you paid some money for this), but this is 100% fake. The funny part is that it appears to be a gift inscription, of sorts, where the giver (NOT Bukowski) gave this to a friend and made a joke about it being signed by Bukowski. Even the worst forger would not not sign it "corky".

Of course, I know that you know this. I'm just playin' along.

Maybe "corky" is short for "cocksmoker?"

found this on abe this afternoon, Hell a real steal for only $50, and who knows maybe some day "corky" will be ultra/super famous,this book will be worth a small fortune, o'yes I can see retirement now... then you wont think its so funny ..willya.....yep "corky the cocksmoker"...
Did you educate the seller? It probably won't matter. People always see what they want to see and will likely call you crazy or wrong and will continue in their ignorance.

"i bought it from a reputable source and will furnish a certificate of authenticity upon request."

sure, that settles it.
"i bought it from a reputable source and will furnish a certificate of authenticity upon request."

sure, that settles it.

Hi Jordan,
Is this what the "Corky" seller said to you? If so, I will inform him. I have never seen an autograph that I had MORE confidence was a forgery than this one. A blind man could see that this is fake.

no, no one sent me that... i should have made that clear! i was echoing the standard boilerplate you get from people hawking fake signatures.
this is a picture that a book seller on abe books sent to me after I inquired, I saw last night that it is still listed. I think probably that the seller is just ignorant to the fact, and not knowingly trying to sell a forgery or counterfit.I mean its sooooo (!) bad. actually I was disapointed when the pic arrived because I thought (hoped) that I had found a deal on a book that I wanted anyway. I haven't contacted them about this, well, because I guess I really don't give a shit... should I? ..contact them I mean,......
I would contact him and tell him that you are 100% sure that this is a forgery, as are the members on the Bukowski.net forum. I only seem to have any luck convincing people of this when I give "credentials". I tell them that I have hundreds of authentic signed books by Bukowski (well.. Not really hundreds!), that I have published him and that I have seen thousands of authentic signatures. Usually at this point, they shut it down.

Think of the poor guy that wants a signed Bukowski book for someone as a gift. I think of my kids getting me something like this as a present. It arrives and it is signed by "corky". Of course, it would be cute that they wanted to get me something like this, but a big part of me would be pissed off for my kids, who just got RIPPED.

No real Buk fan will believe that this is real. Still, It will sell to someone that thinks that it is real.

I would let them know.

ok Bill, your right, I'll contact them today. its because of this that I always check with the seller first for a picture. before I send any $$.... I did find a nice signed bumper sticker from the Baroque book store the other day!!:D
I have this book! my brother in law who has passed, had it and he was not very savvy with signed books, go figure I inherit a forgery!!!
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