What happened to the Bukowski Tapes? (1 Viewer)

Just out of curiosity, why aren't the Buk Tapes available on Amazon? I bought them a long time ago (2008?) but I just realized they are out of print. Does any one know the reason why they aren't available?
You answered your own question: it's out of print. Seems like that's the way it goes now for most movies on DVD. Especially a fringe item like the Bukowski Tapes. If you don't catch them when they're released you end up paying "out of print' prices for them on Amazon or eBay. Though if you're patient on eBay you can usually get stuff like that for a reasonable price.
Well, I meant "available" in the commercial sense, to release more copies for sale. I would assume there are people interested in it, then why not produce more so people can buy it?

Perhaps there are in reality not a lot of people interested in acquiring it. I'm just surprised. If I had a company I would make sure I'd keep that product available for sale.
why not produce more so people can buy it?...If I had a company I would make sure I'd keep that product available for sale.

The same limited edition argument/conundrum comes up in many phases of art. I'm a big fan of certain eras of Grateful Dead, and over the past few years, all or most of the official releases have been limited to fewer than 10,000 copies. The logic is, you pay for the mixing, mastering, and package production once, and you try to nail the market interest. If you sell out in a day, you've underestimated; if you sell out in three months to a year, you've slightly over-estimated. If you don't sell out in a year or finally sell out in five years, you've over-estimated. If you have to reissue a limited run, it's bloody expensive, and you risk missing your market demand if you originally missed about by 300 and you produce 2,000 more (likely not a cost-effective number; try 5,000).

Not to appear as combative (and sorry, I'm not being so), but you apparently don't own a company, but you're convinced that you'd stock said item because you like it. These are the businesses that fail. Sure, re-issuing Beatles, Dylan, etc. is viable long-term (thanks to idiots like myself), but niche items such as Bukowski, not so much.

All that aside, welcome to the forums. There's a boatload of good stuff here; all much better than the Bukowski tapes, in my opinion, of course.

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