What if...?

What if John Martin,..hadn't given Charles Bukowski 'the offer'? Would Hank have stayed on, as an 'obidient public servant'? Would 'Post Office' have been written? ,...'Ham on Rye'?

Would Charles Bukowski have had the courage, himself; to step off of the sidewalk?

Is Charles Bukowski, himself, often (mistakenly) switched, for a character he created?

ooops! Two questions..! I know that's not allowed. (,..i guess it's just the rebel in me...)

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The post office was going to fire Bukowski if he hadn't quit, and 'the offer' was just a token, a gesture. It wasn't critical financial support.

Bukowski would have been Bukowski without Martin. Without Bukowski, it's impossible to say what would have become of Martin. None of the other early Black Sparrow writers became as well known as Bukowski.