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...it doesn't have to be an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife. Could be an old friend you fell out with...or whoever. But I'm curious, as I now enjoy my fifth Sam Adams Winter Lager, and my girlfriend sleeps a room away again angry that I'd rather be online than sleeping next to her...(even though it's nothing personal, I just can't sleep well at night)...what is the worst thing someone formerly close to you has said to/about you?

I'll go first. And maybe last, if no one else chimes in.

OK...2000-ish. A girl I'd had a crush on for a long time; she was a hostess at a diner, I finally got her to go out with me...it went on about three weeks, we were completely retardedly mismatched...then it ended. She said, and I almost remember exactly:

"You belong in a home, with other people like you. Do have any idea how fucking boring it was listening to you go on and on about James Dean and the Monkees. Jesus Christ it was like listening to my grandfather or something."

OK, then a month or two later, a girl I met at a thrift store, and hung out with a few times, made out with once or twice, then one day we drove around all day long and I was really bored and said, maybe, two words to her all day. Then she dropped me off.

An email from her, later that day:

"Most guys I go out with...even if it doesn't work out, I know basically what I'm getting into. They lay their cards on the table. But with you...you don't even seem to acknowledge the table."

I have more, but now someone else.
My "ex" once referred to me(in a letter) that I was my father's slimy sperm. In all fairness I did put her through college and give her just about everything she ever wanted, including a divorce. I did'nt talk to her for fourteen years after this particular letter when she called wanting my signature on a document, legal in nature. Can you guess how I signed it? Ronnie in Las Vegas
There is in fact only one 'Ex' that I'm not in peace with. And the worst thing she could call me is: on the phone. (or at all.)
I can't really recall the direct personal comments made to me by ex's because I have successfully erased them from memory, like a trauma victim forgets the accident.... but...

A platonic female friend of mine once played "matchmaker" and set me up with one of her friends for a date. It was a disaster because this woman had 1001 questions and a million "what-if" scenarios prepared for me to respond to and talk about. I felt like I was in some kind of fucked-up marketing survey for recently-divorced women.

Stuff like: How often do you date ? What's your idea of the ideal date ? Where do you see yourself in 6 mos. ? A year ? What celebrity couple do you picture yourself as part of ?

Really, just a grueling experience that I couldn't escape quickly enough. So I told my platonic friend that it was more like a job interview than a date.

She laughed and said "Well, her response was: HE DIDN'T SEEM INTERESTED AT ALL. ARE YOU SURE HE'S NOT GAY ?
I don't GIVE the crabs.... rather.. I am the crabs

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(what ?!!)
To my knowledge, my ex-girlfriend hasn't said anything about me. She's married now with a daughter who think's she's queen of the universe.

She doesn't have time to think about me.:(
Fuck, I've got to stop starting threads while I'm drinking.

Off to listen to Dion Mcgregor's 'He Talks In His Sleep'...
Man I had a crazy ex-girlfriend. She must have called me all manner of terrible things... but all I really remember was calling her a crazy cunt the last time she called... Ah, memories.

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