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What is this shit? (1 Viewer)


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I know when I read that poem, the first thing that comes to mind is a barefoot girl lying under the stars. I mean, obviously.

Are there two moons, or am I seeing UFOS again?

I hate to even ask, but is this something the estate authorized? It's attractive, but odd.
I think what you are seeing there is not a second moon, but rather one of the refrigerator magnets.

Authorized or not, does it matter at this point? Half of the thousand items on eBay at any given time are bootlegs. I was struck by the artists interpretation of the poem I guess.

The only thing that would make that thing awesome would be if that was really a guy in the illustration and those were man-boobs, and he was so distraught at his condition that he was considering lying out in the elements forever and committing suicide by exposure.

Ants crawl my drunken arms, indeed.
guys, this poster is published by an anarchist collective who promotes a more joyous world. you can buy this poster directly from the collective (it is a "deluxe" poster, meaning that it is meant to be hung on a private wall rather than wheatpasted on a public wall), and sales of the poster help keep the collective going.

the good thing about anarchy is that you're free to rip off whoever you want, be it a famous dead poet or a fairly successful and well-recognized artist/illustrator. viva la raza!

I wonder if the anarchists know that someone just paid $37 for it on eBay. And to think that money could have been used to smash the state rather than to line the pockets of a greedy capitalist. Tsk tsk.
It's very peaceful looking. I never would have guessed it was made by anarchists. But then I never heard of anarchists spreading joy. I guess they have a bad rep from all those other anarchists smashing and burning things.

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