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What kind of pictures are usually wanted here? (1 Viewer)

just wondering what kind of pictures are usually wanted here when trying to float a signed, 1st edition? do you need to show the colophon page with the signature and number...or just a shot of the cover?
If it's one of the BSP limited editions, I'd imagine just a scan of the cover showing the condition would be enough.
and the colophon page with signature for additional certainty - just save requests for more scans - so 4 photos - front, back and spine of book and signature page
Yeah, apart from the cover, photos rather than scans - for the sake of the spine.
(Well durr - I know sorry ;))

So as PBBUK said - covers front and back, colophon, (plus signature page if separate) and a good shot showing the colour of the spine, showing any fading.
all of it. my apt building is leaking and under tarps and we are getting clobbered with 'special assessments'
it is killing me...both financially killing me and it is killing me to sell in these crappy times
It may be de-crapifying if a few recent sales are any indication. A couple of $400-$500 items sold last week that I thought would go without bids.
Just put them on ebay and see how you go. I know you have some fantastic items and there is always a market for the good ones.

Good luck!!
the ebay experience is losing it's appeal for me. there are too many crooks up there and my mom always told me you are judged by the people you hang with. i have lots of crazy friends, but at least they are honest-crazy.
i have contacted pba galleries. i sent them the list and they want me to send them down. it is sad, but it has to be done. and i HAVE to stop doing daft things like buying the beatles mono box set. love is NOT all you need.
I strongly disagree with your sentiments. My dealings with ebay have been top notch and Abandoned Planet is one of the most respected dealers in Bukowski and he sells on ebay. Not to mention some of my dealings with fellow members of this termendous site!

It is also much easier for people to buy off ebay - as the seller organises the shipping (PBA is very expensive with their "handling costs") not to mention the buyer's premium charged.

However, good luck with the sale and make sure you keep us informed.
just make sure that PBA puts a fair minimum on them, or you will give them all away like Thomas Groff did when he consigned his books to them. He sold a $700 - $800 copy of Mockingbird Signed, niumbered HB, if I remember correctly for less than $300. In every case, save ONE (Bukowski/Purdy Letters with painting), his stuff (Primo stuff) sold at about half of the low estimate. It was like a fire sale.

And there are crooks all over ebay, but the Bukowski sellers are a reliable and honest lot (Scott Harrison is certainly at the top of the list. He has NEVER sold any item that is not 100% authentic and he has sold thousands of Bukowski items on ebay over at least the last decade.) Every once in a while a forgery comes up from new sellers or other scammers. We try to get them to close the auction, if they do now, "someone" will bid the book up and guarantee that they win it and then not pay for it. This allows the books on ebay to be 100% authentic. I'm not sure how many other authors have this, but if you buy a Bukowski book on ebay and it says "signed", 99.99% of the time it is authentic. If not, then a shill bidder will win it to keep it from circulation.

I know that a good percentage of signed books by other major authors are questionable, but not Buk.

And we scour the site. It is clean.

Just another service from the fine folks at Buk.net.


p.s. If you do let PBA sell them, please let us know. Some of us may bid. It may be the only thing that keeps you from getting less than wholesale prices from them at auction....
well, i think some of you have already purchased items from me on ebay. in the past couple of years i have sold a number signed small pieces like the new years greetings and a lot of softcover bsp. i will certainly consider all of your comments and thanks for all the feedback.
momma needs a new roof, so one way or another...

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