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What the F? Ebay.... (1 Viewer)


I see that Second Story Books is selling another broadside copy of "Winter".


Anyone know what is going on here? The seller is clearly on the up and up, but they have sold what, three of four of these in the last couple months all with the same drawing? The last bidder was Vicarious, so I know that they are not throwing shills up there. Do you think that they are just using this one as an example and are in fact selling other copies without the art?

Hell, I can't spend money anyway, but it makes me very curious....

Not for nothing, I visited the Second Story booth at the ABAA bookfair here in New York a few years ago and they had a few of Bukowski's chaps -- COLD DOGS, ALL THE ASSHOLES -- with UCSB Santa Barbara library stickers in them. I highly doubt they lifted them but if they came into their possession, I would think that selling them would create a conflict. Or not.

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