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Alright, I guess I should fess up...

Let me start out by saying you guys have a hell of a forum- I just love your attitudes and (relatively) freewheeling style.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and fame...sorry, a bit of a flashback (sideways?).

Anyway, I have just recently become a "Buk" fan. Hell, until a couple weeks ago, I don't think I had even heard the name before (not entirely true, as I had come across the name in a different forum, but mistakenly thought it was a reference to Bokonon of Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle [did I mention I drink a bit?]).

As I mentioned in another post, Mr. Bukowski, or rather, Chinaski, just plain reverberated in my psyche. I see a shadow of Hank in my life.

So here I am. Late 30's, drunk every other day (need the hangover in between), divorced a couple of times, kids that would prefer to forget they have a biological father (but I love to remind 'em), can't seem to hold a job...

Actually, that last part is kinda interesting. I left the Navy in 2000 (they were glad to see me go), and went back to school for the ol' degree. Since then, I have had trouble holding a job for more than a few months (good thing about the service is that they won't let you quit). Have done a couple of tours of graduate school- once for history studying the Enlightenment period of Britain, and once for Biological Anthropology focusing on developmental genetics in human evolution.

Over the last six years I have earned paychecks cleaning apartments, climbing into garbage dumpsters, cleaning bathrooms, and, most recently, teaching a retarded guy how to wipe his ass...

I only really have three hobbies- women, drinking and thinking. I just can't remember in which order. Truth is, I spend more time thinking about women and drinking then actually doing either (not entirely true, again, as I do drink often). My last ex-wife keeps telling me I need to expand my interests, but I can't help thinking about bedding her every time I see her, so I'm not really listening.

In all honesty, I love this forum and you guys (and gals, surprisingly) as you have helped remove the stigma I have felt for years regarding my lifestyle and societal "inadequacies." Damn, I'm not as fucked up as I have always thought. Once again, I honestly thank you.

My gin and flat, diet tonic is now dry and the bar closes in three hours, so I'm heading over for a last few rounds of cheap Irish beer (Monday night special). I hope you all enjoy your new year. Peace, and keep the bar stool next to you open for me, 'cause you never know when I'll drop by.

Edited: once for spelling and once for drunkeness.
Wow, cool, I didn't know you could do yellow font...guess I should pull my head out of my bottle...

EDIT: oh, yea, thanks for the insult, I just love it when we all stop getting along and start becoming REAL! HAHAHAHAHAHA...gasp, gotta stop drinking and typing, gotta stop...

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