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75 of these were called-for signed. Does anyone here know where Buk signed those (and don't say in L.A."). If you look on Collecting Bukowski, you can see some are signed on the cover:


Some are signed inside:


Here's where mine is signed:


I suspect that mine may be one of the called for signed copies, but does anyone know? Krumhansl sheds no light on this.
What do you mean by "called for signed copies"?
"Called for" means that a given publication is issued with a specified number of copies signed by the author (and the author doesn't actually handle the book, just the paper). I guess the opposite is something like "free signed" or "not called for," wherein the author signs a book when asked at a reading, etc. In most cases, BSP called for signed editions are signed on the colophon where as free signed are typically on the title page. A few exceptions include Run With the Hunted, Screams from the Balcony, Living on Luck, Pulp, and Betting on the Muse, which all have pre-signed pages inserted near the front of the book. Some of these pre-signed pages sat around for quite some time. I have two signed copies of Screams from the Balcony (one without print, one with print, plus the bindings smell different). The one without the print has a signed page that was pretty clearly signed in or around 1993, whereas the copy with print has a signed page that was pretty clearly signed in the 1970s, give or take.

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