what were his favourite cigars? (1 Viewer)

I seriously doubt it.

The R & J he smokes is probably one of the many Dominican copies yanks are able to buy readily.
Most of the name brands of Cuba have Dominican, Honduran or Nicaraguan 'equivalents'.

Cheap would have been my answer to your first question. But I don't know. And I don't recall him ever having written about it or spoken of it in interviews.

Anyone else?
I recall in one of his later poems that Buk mentions smoking a "La Gloria Cubana",(good cigars!, almost as good as Padrons!!) tho can't remember exactly what poem or where. mostly though, he just mentions "cheap cigars"
You mean he didn't smoke White Owls or Dutch Masters?

Just kidding, I don't know jack about cigars, my old neighbor used to burn those two brands, kept the mosquitos off him, I can tell you that.

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