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If Father Luke was here he would say:

groundshero is making an inquiry as to which poem contains the lines:

very little of this world
has anything to do
with what I want

Further, he or she would like to know in which book(s) the poem can be found.
Dear Groundshero:

Recently my lovely wife and I bought your

The Doorman "A Bukowski Musical"

at the MULLINAX Pacific Rim used book store
here in Portland.

I believe it safe to say that we both found it festive,
droll, and hilarious !

I just wanted to thank you for a confusing ride
atop the Chareles Bunkhowski roller coaster,
and one that both my wife and I shall never forget.

Thank you!

- -
Father and Mother, and all the baby Luke's,
Somewhere in America . . .
Found what I was looking for after a lot of scanning:

I realized then and there
almost anything that might
occur upon planet
would have very little to do with
what I really
might want

the night torn mad with footsteps, my nudie dancer

It seems that very little of this world has
anything to do with what I want.

Gentleman? The Prosecution rests.

Now. Bring on the nudie dancers . . .

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