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lothario speedwagon
you see them listed for around $100 to $150 on Abe... I bought one for less than that, but it was still expensive, and the condition was not as described. they said VG/VG+, but the dust jacket is pretty heavily wrinkled at the edge of the front and back cover (where it folds over into the inside of the book), both bottom corners are slightly bumped, and maybe most annoyingly, the top edges are yellowed a little bit. I'm contemplating returning it, but I can't afford $100 right now to buy a nicer copy, and I do have this one... what would you say is a fair (market/retail) price for the book in the condition i described it in?

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Using the strange system that booksellers use, VG/VG+ is not actually "Very Good" by real standards. This is the official definition

"VERY GOOD (VG) Very light wear to book, and/or jacket; no large tears, or major defects. One of the most often used terms."

I think that a corner ding or scratched dustjacket qualifies. That being said, if you are not happy with this, any decent bookseller will accept a refund. The argument certainly could be made that although it was listed as VG/VG+, these items should have been listed in the description of the book.

I would expect that you could get another copy of this, if you wait a bit, and will pay $75-$100.

I hope that this helps.

yeah, the other stuff i can live with... it's the yellowing that really bothers me. i paid $75 for this one, and i'll probably just live with it for now. it might have been a little high, but by the time i argue about getting my shipping refunded, ordering another one, paying shipping for that one, it just doesn't seem worth it. plus, there's a paul bowles book published by black sparrow that i've been wanting for a while that has the same number of pages, so i might just buy that and do the ol' switcheroo on the dust jackets.

thanks for the response.

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