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What's up people.I stumbled upon this site after a Bukowski Google search.Glad i found this place.As you would already know,I'm an avid fan of his writings.

Look forward to reading some interesting posts...Cheers
Welcome Chinaski. I might have guessed that you'd be an avid fan.
Stralya is well represented here. I think you might like it here.

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Father Luke
Hello Ryan
I'm in Melbourne also.
I can't say I'd like to get together, drink and talk about Bukowski with you... but if you are a serious road cyclist then that's another matter :D
Glad to have you here.

P.S. We all have a problem.
Hey ROC....

Not really a road cyclist mate....;)

I'm from the South East burbs of Melbourne...Good to see some fellow Aussies on here,i wouldn't have expected it...
Good to see some fellow Aussies on here,i wouldn't have expected it...
Of the 370 users who specify their location, 12 are from Australia. So there are likely about 50 of you here, if that sample of 370 hold true across all the users.

Other locales include:

(soon to be?) arizona bay, 100 yards from the Rhine, 603 N. 17th Street, Adelaide, Akkerhaugen, Akron OH, Alabama, America, among the pines, Amsterdam, Anaheim, anchorage, alaska, Andernach / Germany, Areola World, around here., athens, Atlanta / Cincinnati, Atlanta, Ga, Austin, australia, Austria, Bahrain, bangkok, beijing china, Belgium, Bellingham, WA, berlin, boise id, bottom of a bottle, Bowels of Hell...Somerset., Brighton, Brisbane, Brookline, MA, Brooklyn, Buenos Aires Argentina, Burbank, CA, Calgary, California, Canada, Cape Town, South Africa, Charlotte, NC, USA, Chicago, China, ChiRock, Cleveland, OH, coleraine, ireland., College, Copenhagen, Denmark., Costa Rica, Dallas, Texas. Absolute HELL., dartmouth, nova scotia, davie, florida, Denver, Detroit, Dover, DE, Dreamland, Utopia U.S.A., Dublin, Ireland, east coast, East Midlands, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Elsewhere, England, Entroncamento, Portugal, Esbjerg, Denmark, Estonia, europe, FAllbrook, CA, Faroe Islands, Finland, Florida, Forest Grove, Oregon, Fort Worth TX, Gdansk, Poland, Georgia, Germany, Glasgow, Scotland, Godruff, greece, Greenville, NC, Greenville, SC, Guernsey C.I., Hamburg, NorthernEurope, Hamilton, Helsinki, Finland, Here in Hell, with the rest of you mortals., Highland Park, Ca, Hollywood,CA, Hostile City, Houston, TX, Hyde Park, Massachusetts, Illinois, USA, in between ridiculous, insanity and a sprinkle of ..., In Georgia, Indiana, Iowa City, Iowa, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jackson, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida, Joburg, kalamazoo, michigan, kansas, kentucky, Keyport, NJ, Kircubbin, L.A. County U.S.A., La Mesa, Lachine, Canada, Lancashire, England, las vegas, LB CA USA, leicestershire, like age, north of 49, LILLE (FRANCE), Lisbon, Portugal, Little Rock, Liverpool, London, England, Long Beach, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Lowell, MA, Lowlands, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Madeira island-Portugal, maine, Marshall, Texas, Massachusetts, Melbourne, Australia, Memphis, TN, Metropolis, Mexico City, michigan, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Missouri, Montreal, Qc, moon safari, Munich, Nazareth, Israel, netherlands, New Jersey, New York, NY, New Zealand, Newcastle, United Kingdon, NH, USA, Nicholasville, Kentucky, NJ, nomadic, Noosa, Norms, north alabama, North London, Northeast, Northern California, Norway, Norwich, England, Nowhere at the moment, nowhere.everywhere., NSW. Australia, NW England, Nørrebro; Denmark, Ocean City, New Jersey, Ohio..down by the river, oldenburg, germany, omaha, Ontario, Orange County, CA, Oregon, Oxford UK, Palmdale, CA, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Arizona, Plainfield, Illinois where the cornfields begin an..., Poland, portland oregon, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, Priors Marston, Provincetown, Raleigh,NC, Regina SK Canada, resonably remote SE Asian island, RI, Richmond, VA, Romania, Rome , Italy, Rural Rowley, Sacramento, Saint Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Texas, san diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz County, CA, Santa Rosa CA, home of Black Sparrow Press, saskatoon, saskatchewan, Scotland, Seattle, see kelly's profile : ), SF CA, Shrewsbury, MA, Sierra Nevada Foothills, Skopje, Macedonia, Some grimy hotel somewhere, Somewhere, somewhere in the cornfields..., South Africa, South Central California near Green Acres, Southern California, St. Louis, Stavanger Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, street, Sunny Scotland, sweden, sydney, Australia, Syracuse, NY, T.O., Tampa, Tempe AZ, Terrace BC, Texas, the bufu, The Netherlands, the side of hiway 14,Alberta,Canada, The Upper Peninsula, Thessaloniki, Greece, Thionville,France, Tokyo, Japan, Toledo, Ohio, Toledo, Spain, Europe, toronto, Toulouse, France, Tours by Loire, Turkish/giresun, TX, u.k - North West - between the penine spine, and i..., under the table, United Kingdom, USA, VA, Valencia - Spain, Vancouver, Ventura, CA, USA, Vermont, via Roger from Oz, Wales, Warsaw, Washington DC, Waterford Michigan, West (best) Coast... Motor-homing, West coast of Norway., Wirral (UK), Wisconsin, Wollongong, Australia.
...but if you are a serious road cyclist then that's another matter....

Despite smoking and drinking like a demon, I used to ride over 100 miles a week when I lived in rural Connecticut. I have a champagne-colored Guerciotti with custom Campy hardware made in 1979.

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