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Sordide Sentimental

I discovered this hilarious photomontage a few months ago and I was wondering who made it and what for. Does anybody know ?

Poor Hank. Being associated with that...well, I will remain polite :rolleyes: And what the hell is she reading ?
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Love that photo. I happened to watch an eposide of Paris and her British Best Friend, which she gives the orwellian acronym, BBF.

It's sick.
British Best Friend (BBF).

Paris Hilton watching is a sickness over here...

I can say, that I do not watch her and could care less what she is doing...

Perhaps I didn't understand Olaf's sentence...I thought he was saying that BBF, apart of meaning British Best Friend, was also an acronym used by Orwell and I was wondering what orwellian acronym he was talking about.
expect an answer that says very little while being filled with witticisms and delightful turns of phrase.
or non sequitur bullshit that pretends to be an apology or excuse. or something. but meanwhile is fanciful.
Jordan, Hoochmonkey9 and mjp > Your english is too fluent for me, I don't follow you anymore.
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It was Paris BFF-Best Friend Forever.

I know, Mrs. Slimedog loved that show.

I guess its the same format but in the UK we are currently suffering 'British Best Friend' as Olaf mentioned above. Haven't watched it (I even surprise myself sometimes) but perhaps they refer to it on the show as BBF, and I believe that the characters in 1984 shorten Big Brother to 'BB' during conversation.
I meant Orwellian in the sense of reducing the entire phrase British Best Friend to mere letters:BBF. The general idea is reducing the amount of words we use and eventually reducing all language to sound bites, literally, so we can't think in more than letters and acroymns.


You guys all speak with one voice, such cunts, that's why I love you.#

Yours, in error,

hooch, I am actually a qualified logician.
What is the agreement mjp? That I'm a wanker.

Just goes to show how the internet can be so misleading :P
I assure you I'm not the sort of person I come across as on this forum.
I've kind of been bullied into it by some of the bigger boys in the class room.

I suppose we'll never meet in person
so who I am and what I mean
will never actually matter.

*plays violin*

Who will be my BBF?
... Who will be my BBF?

Big Butt Fucker?

No, seriously.
I think it is true, that you sometimes come up somewhat ... well ... I dunno ... maybe clumsy? - no, that ain't the word. out of context / over the top? I really am not sure how to explain. over-sophisticated?

Whatever it is, it sure CAN be annoying.
On the other hand: I think you're right, that you were more pushed into that role than chose it. Once you stand in a certain corner, it's hard to get out.
(and the little boy who got the beating twice, will always get the beating, I suppose.)

I'm sure not interested in becoming your best buddy, but I agree that sometimes it's not fair what happens here or anywhere in the world and I dislike that fact. I cannot change it, but I dislike it and feel sorry for it (and in this case for you).

just a little encouragement.
You definitely are not a troll. So you deserve some honest response.

Hey, how much are 2 cents in British currency?
Oh, I don't know. A lot of people have come in, been negatively typecast or pigeonholed, and then worked their way out of that. Shown us that we were wrong about them. But if they can't manage to work their way out of it, then I have to assume that the initial reaction was probably on target.

All Olaf has to do to stop being perceived as an asshole is to stop being an asshole. But he can't. It's not in his nature. That's fine (and I can relate), but in those cases you have to take the reaction that comes along with the role. If you whine that you are wrongly perceived, but do nothing to counter that perception, well then, tough shit, brother.

This isn't Ellis Island. All are not welcome. There is a barrier to entry, and that barrier is the group has to accept you. If they don't, there's not much that can be done. My own response to someone doesn't sway that tide one way or the other. There is proof of that all over the place. So the "bigger boy in the classroom" gripe is just more whining as far as I'm concerned. No one gives a shit whether or not I like Olaf (or anyone else). And that's as it should be. They acquired a distaste for him on their own.

I think that's an honest response.
Don't know what the hell that is (though I think I see Tom Cruise, which leads me to believe it is that stinking shitbomb Kubrick movie), but I was thinking more along the lines of Lord of the Flies...

I think we all know mjp is the asshole. A little sycophant.

I wipe my dog shit smeared feet on his bedsheets.
I throw my left shoe at his Mother. :p

Enjoy your house of mirrors. I'm off to talk with the grown ups for a while.
Fuck this ridiculous Man Judging contest.
Wow, I didn't know Olaf was so fond of Boyz in da Hood.

And another thing... why are his feet smeared with dogshit???
Roni wrote well.
Instead of acting like children, you should moderate yourselves and try to understand each others.

Peace & Love, men
Instead of acting like children...

There's some history here that you wouldn't know about. Besides, we're all adults here... we're supposed to act like children.

On a happier note, someone should start a thread to keep track of all of the names that mjp is called when someone is pissed at him.
I didn't want to offend you, it's just that I don't appreciate the shape this thread has taken.
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most threads that Olaf posts in wind up like this.

we like to call it "Olaf being Olaf."

fair warning. ;)
Well, truth is, I repsonded to this post quite legitimately, with my comment on Paris and how her BBF thing made me think of orwell and how brain washed she is, then that managed to get turned into a piss taking of Olaf for no reason. I mean, I take it on the chin, in the face, from the back, WHATEVER, but it gets quite tiring. When I'm told I'm the child, when in fact the opposite is true.

I mean, I don't take this thread that seriously, but ya know, trying to get a rapor with people here is like trying to light a fire in a rain storm without any matches.

Ya know. I expected more from the adults. But, I'm just a stray child, happy to endure sticks and stones.

p.S. My bare feet are covered in dog shit because I woke without socks in Buk.net. And the place seems to be covered in caca.

p.s. here here Ambreen. not a true word type in this place.

Yours, lovingly dumb,
Olaf and the mechanical giggles.
Olaf, I Like you. You are okay most of the time, but sometimes I have to look the other way when you get the dog shit all over your own feet. Are you or are you not a postman?
Paris Hilton is boring. That might be why we are giving Olaf the piss. Keep posting Olaf and we want to know when you are coming to the states to visit.
...I don't appreciate the shape this thread has taken.
You don't have to appreciate it, it is what it is. There are three years of history here, and you've been around for a few weeks. It's more than a little presumptuous to start lecturing us on behavior at this point.

I mean, I take it on the chin, in the face, from the back, WHATEVER, but it gets quite tiring.
I don't know how many other ways to tell you that you bring it on yourself. It's up to you to figure out why that may be. And as you can see, you poor, unfortunate martyr, you are not alone:

...someone should start a thread to keep track of all of the names that mjp is called when someone is pissed at him.
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You don't have to appreciate it, it is what it is.
But it could have been prevented.

There are three years of history here,
I'm aware of it. I have read about you and all the work you have done for the site and I respect it. But...

and you've been around for a few weeks. It's more than a little presumptuous to start lecturing us on behavior at this point.
...It is not because I'm a new comer that I have no right to express myself when I see a thread that I have created turning into a mess.

I'm not a presumptuous person and I'm sorry if I've hurt you, that was not my aim.
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