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This has probably been discussed here at one time or another but I can't help but wonder how Buk dealt with the "superfans". It seems like he was fairly accessible for most of his writing career. He had to have more than his share of crazies knock upon his door at all hours of the day and night. Has he ever discussed that in any interviews? (or writings).
He dealt with it on many occasions in his poems, and in Notes of a Dirty Old Man.

On occasion, he let them in, mostly if they were bringing women with big asses and a propensity for giving it up (and mostly in the earlier days). More often than not, he told them to go screw.


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There's a lot of poems I remember him writing about fans showing up. But none by title...

The best part is, he remained listed in the phone book for many years. Crazy. But it gave him stuff to write about.
i remember "vampires" as a nice piece bout the subject.

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There is this thing: I'M BUKOWSKI AND THEN? by ENRICO FRANCHESCHINI...very limited edition chapbook, a rare Italian encounter with Bukowski.

There are two related stories that I recall: the funny Notes on the Pest (real life), and the wickedly twisted Fame (fiction). Check the excellent database for sources... Hard to imagine all the countless, probably unpaid hours that went into putting it together; it has a way of jogging the memory of tales read long ago.

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