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I have been trying to find this quote to verify it comes from Bukowski. I thought it was from "Born Into This" the documentary. I thought it was something that John Martin found while looking through some old stuff, but browsing through the documentary on YouTube, but haven't been able to produce it. It has been many years since I watched this documentary, but I faintly remember it being related to a new years eve release.

Thanks for the help. I have been searching this forum and the internet at large with no luck.

I am excited to join the forum.


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I am excited to join the forum.
After the excitement simmers down, perhaps you'd like to get more acquainted with this forum. Then you'll discover the part of it where people usually ask questions like the one you had.
Good luck!

P.S. You can find "Art" (and sixty-three other poems) in a collection called Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit.
No, I'm not making it up, that's the title of the book. Honestly.
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Thank you both for the replies.

I know that it is very close to my original quote, but are there any other iterations of "art" that include passion? I will watch the film again to see where my memory comes from. I appreciate you quickly finding this hoochmonkey9. I know that memory is not the best source.

I guess "Name that poem" would have been the ideal place for this question. Thanks zobraks. I will definitely have to check out Play the Piano Drunk.

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