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When the scars of youth become the marks of character (1 Viewer)

yeah, first time I've seen this one, too. It probably had a very short life... and those tribute issues never were my cup of tea... Caffeine published quite a few B poems in the early 90's, but this is a truly rare item.

Let's hope Jeffrey dusts off more rare items soon...
I figured someone would take it for the "Buy It Now" price, whether I posted about it here or not. ;)

I'm wondering if that ever made it past the planning stages. Unless someone has a finished copy they can tell us about, I'm going to assume it didn't. Caffeine was not a small mag, it had wide distribution in Los Angeles, so I would think many, many copies of this would have been floating around if it was ever produced...
Doesn't sound like Bukowski to me. My guess is it's from one of the tribute poems in the booklet. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
when a wound heals the scar tissue is sometimes called "proud flesh"
perhaps the 'title' is a take-off on the old ways...yet it sounds of bukowski - i'll wager he coined the 'scars of youth line' -


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