Where in San Pedro is Buk's home?

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  1. I recently visited Hank's grave in Ranchos Paolos Verdes, I got lost on my way there ended up going up a big hill to top of San Pedro, beautiful views out over Pacific and back over LA, anyone know if he lived around this area or was it closer to the harbour?
  2. I'm planning a trip out there pretty soon. I'm doin research right now so I can visit all the places that are pretty much buk-land marks.
  3. If you can decipher address of his drivers license, please let me know. I tried.
  4. Stay away from his house, there's nothing to see there.

    Go visit him at Green Hills cemetery. That's the only thing to see in San Pedro. You'd be better off going to Hollywood and checking out his old addresses.
  5. Stay away from his house?

    I have no choice as I've said I don't know where it is. I've been to the grave and the Hollywood addresses. I understand that if Linda does not want people hangin around outside for privacy reasons, if this is the case then it's better to just tell people this?
    All I wondered was if the view was out over the Pacific or not.
    Sorry to upset anyone.
  6. It's okay, you really did nothing wrong. It's just that some of the people here know Linda Bukowski personally and they are protective of her. You sound okay to me, but some of the fanatic fans might go too far and be a nuisance. Anyway, I used to visit an in-law who lived in San Pedro and I liked the area because I like hilly places and I like water"”the best of both worlds. The Korean Bell of Friendship Pavilion affords an unsurpassed view of the Los Angeles harbor, the Catalina Channel and the sea terraces of San Pedro hill, and I have fond memories of my visits there, and can understand why Hank and Linda would be drawn to the area as a whole. The fog horns, too. Beautiful. Anyway, best wishes, "”Poptop.
  7. No, the house is in a residential part of San Pedro, and you can see the harbor from that block, but not the ocean. A lot of areas of San Pedro have harbor views, until you get out toward Point Fermin, the southernmost spot in Los Angeles. Then you get the ocean views.
  8. I dunno about san pedro, but I'd really like to visit the house on longwood avenue. and also, the De Longpre & LongWood addresses.
  9. When you go to Longwood, you'd better just look from outside. The people living there (according to year 2000) seem to have a bunch of visitors (Buk-fans that is) who ring their door and they're not very happy about it.
    But of course, the temptation to have a look at that mysterious lawn is hard to resist. (It is a surprisingly small one btw. - But remember, that back in these days they didn't have machines for that job! - think he was using secateurs or something.)
  10. I'm quite sure that the Bukowski's had a lawn mower. Manual "push mowers" were common household tools for decades by the time Bukowski was born.

    Even a sadist wouldn't send an 8 year old out to cut an entire lawn with a small hand clipper. The clipper was likely used on the edges and to get those stray "hairs."

    Never thought I'd look up the history of lawnmowers on the internet, but that's bukowski.net for you.
  11. :-x

  12. Ponder

    Ponder "So fuck Doubleday Doran" Live to Ride ROAD CAPTAIN

    I will never forget you looked up the history of lawnmovers, mjp.

    Is it odd I would feel ashamed visiting buk's houses?

    The novels Ham on rye and Women give plenty of information. And we are able to watch the documentaries over and over.

    Or is it the old record-gig difference...?
  13. I don't think it's weird or shameful to want to visit the places where he lived and worked. If I found myself in Andernach I would certainly take a look at his birthplace. But, speaking just for myself, visiting the Los Angeles addresses is ultimately disappointing.

    You don't get any sense of what Longwood was like in the 20's or 30's by visiting it now. Same with DeLongpre and the rest. They may look the same, for the most part, but everything and everyone around them has changed.
  14. Ponder

    Ponder "So fuck Doubleday Doran" Live to Ride ROAD CAPTAIN

    I wanted to type, but didn't; I would make an exception to visit Buk's grave.

    Andernach, depends. I don't want to bother the current inmates.

    Someone told me YEARS ago Buk's house of birth is a whorehouse now...Is this true?
  15. Not now. People in Andernach say, it HAD BEEN a brothel in older times. (also Buk himself states that it Was one in 'Shakespeare'.) Now there's a little antique shop in the basement, run by the owner of the house, one Markus Topp, who lives in the 2nd floor of it.

    You can have a look at it here:


    (pic is 6 years old, but things haven't changed. The arrow points to the room where Buk was born.

    Left of the door you can see the plate honoring Buk, a close-up of which you find here:

  16. This is true of L.A. in general. The city is constantly rebuilding itself and there are very few places left where you can get any sense of history. The character of the city is always shifting. Poor neighborhoods have become rich, middle-class neighborhoods have become poor, ornate old buildings are torn down and new glass, concrete and steel buildings take their places. Even where the old buildings still stand they're surrounded by newer structures to such an extent that they become almost invisible.

    There are a few places where you can at least get a sense of what the city used to be... Union Station, Chinatown, Grand Central Market, the Central Library, down under the bridges by the L.A. River around 7th and Mateo... but for the most part, any trace of L.A. pre-1980 is gone now.
  17. Ponder

    Ponder "So fuck Doubleday Doran" Live to Ride ROAD CAPTAIN

    Architecture-Rape, or...?
  18. ...progress, improvement, revitalization!
  19. Well, if anyone wants to find these places easily, just follow the trail of silk panties still lying around starting from the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Western Ave."”you won't get lost.
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  20. At least in Andernach, there is a store (where Buk was born) where the owner seems to appreciate the history and welcome visitors (or he would not have allowed the plaque to be placed there). This is much different than showing up at Buk's widow's private residence and taking pictures at the front door. I'm not saying that anyone here has done that, but I bet that at least once a week, someone shows up there and bothers Linda.

    That is just my opinion.

  21. architecture-wise, there are still a lot of old buildings in the area in between mid-wilshire, los feliz, and silverlake. buildings like the dicksboro, frostonya and others around vermont and beverly (and a bunch up and down normandie, kinsley, harvard, etc.) haven't been torn down, pretty much because the old buildings are full of studio apartments that rent for enough money that it's not necessary to convert them into "modern" buildings.
  22. I remember there were plans to outsource the archive from the Bukowski
    society in Berlin to the shop in this basement to start a thing as a museum
    for Bukowski in Andernach.
    Are there any news regarding this?
  23. Not really. The Bukowski-Society is still in negotiations. The point is: The owner likes to do it and the city of Andernach likes to do it. BUT the owner doesn't want the city to participate in the project. And the society can not finance the thing on it's own. We need the city involved. So, in short, this is the conflict.

    Btw. the plans go not as far as a real 'museum'. The basement offers only one room. The plans are to bring the archive of the society (now in Berlin) to that house and open it for the public there. Something like that.
  24. Hi Roni,

    are you also still in negotiatons with the city of Andernach to title a street there with the name of our hero?
    The mayor promised to do this twice on our symposiums.
  25. Yes,
    they already agreed to give us a new street named after him.
    But of course, we're heading for the streets at his house.
    I wouldn't guess, we'll get the 'Aktienstraße' renamed, because of it's length (which would cause many people living there to change their passports and such) and b/c the name seems to have a special connection to something. But the other one is (as you know) as small crap of a street with the unpleasing name 'Im Winkel' ('In the corner'). So I think, we can get this one. Still pending.
  26. Bukowski in San Pedro

    Would anyone happen to know the address of Hank's last residence in San Pedro? Is it weird that i want to see all the houses he has ever lived in?
  27. It's kind of like this. . .

  28. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    You'll be welcome at 5124 DeLong pre Ave, Hollywood, Ca. and Yes it is weird. Next thing you'll want some dirt from the yard or something.
    Welcome to the forum.
  29. Luna, it's my understanding that Linda Bukowski, Bukowski's wife, still lives at that address and forum members are naturally protective of her privacy. Out of respect for her and the memory of Bukowski himself, I wouldn't go near there even if I knew the address, which I don't. Stick with Bukowski's numerous other addresses, and perhaps explore San Pedro in general as a city to get the lay of the land, but respect the privacy of the living. Good luck.
  30. Thanks, father. Good thing I'm not a "sir". Hank wasnt the type to turn away a woman, or so it seemed. And as for San Pedro, I just wanna have a look at the house. Im not planning on taking any soil samples or invading anyones privacy, for that matter. Just a glimpse of what Hank saw as he walked up the driveway, the steps, the street , the journey to get home. it's fascinating in a weird way. To see his world for an instant.

    And actually, Pop, i was on YouTube a few weeks ago and it showed a picture of his driver's license that had the actual San Pedro address. I was just surprised to see it out in the open like that. You can say it sparked my interest, naturally. But thank you. I understand your concern.

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