Where is Father Luke? (1 Viewer)

It's funny that you asked because he just wrote this on his page this morning, Gossip. I think Father Luke has a very tight spiritual grasp of all of it. -if you know what I mean.
I hope he comes back he fits here and has been a big part of this.

Now do we want to start some rumors as to where he is? No.
Now do we want to start some rumors as to where he is? No.


Writers retreat?
Okay, good point. If we start a big enough rumor maybe he will stop by and clear things up.
Maybe he rejoined the priesthood and is in a Monastery.

Or ran off and joined the circus:
I've written a pm through buknet to him.
No response.

Intended to write him through his own website soon.
Maybe I don't need to; Maybe your thread here gets him back.

I want him back.

I Want him back.
end of story.
He's in Washington D.C. working hard on that stimulus package and the new health care bill. Keep your fingers crossed that goes well and he'll be back.
Plus he probably got vodka pregnant and has to work 3 jobs plus hear confessions on Saturdays and Masses on Sundays. He's spinning too many plates for us right now.

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