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# We have one letter posted by cirerita; https://bukowskiforum.com/threads/1966-letter-to-harold-norse-bukowski-the-clairvoyant.2242/

# "Published", (not published), in 2002 by Thunder's Mouth Press.

# the ISBN number is known.

# But when he started corresponding with Norse in 1963, he was a remarkably humble and suppliant writer searching for a mentor. "Fucker," Bukowski wrote Norse in one early missive, "you might at least send me a couple of your books (free and autographed) for me to percuss peruse abuse abound in; I don't read anymore unless they ship it to me free. ... I liked your poem inOutsider, right on the nipple, baby, and I see you've been around -- Evergreen Review, Poetry, etc. I cannot make these golden outhouses of culture and have long since given up."

It is this correspondence -- over 200 pages of it, across 25 years -- that Norse believes will resurrect his good name, even if he says chest-beating isn't in his nature. The manuscript, titled Fly Like a Bat Out of Hell, is now in the hands of his London agent, whom Norse routinely and steadfastly refuses to name for fear of jinxing any possible deal. For the preface to the book, which he has been slaving over, he says, "I wanted to avoid, strenuously, any self-congratulation. It just happened. It's facts. It's there. I mention all this because this is the first possible opportunity -- he's world famous -- where at last they'll say, "Who is this guy?' And I want my books ready, so they can see who I am."



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Yeah, where is it?

And there are others, which would be interesting:

Bukowski-Barbara Fry(e) :wb:

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