Which quality in Bukowski's novels do you like the best? (some thoughts) (1 Viewer)

i was reading HAM ON RYE yesterday and i realized that what i liked best about bukowski's writing was his audacity.

just look at this line:

"what were doctors, lawyers, scientists? they were just men who allowed themselves to be deprived of their freedom to think and act as individuals. i went back to my shack and drank."

thats just audacity at its best. i mean here is a writer who really does not give a fuck about anybody or any principle.

there is another writer i like reading as much as bukowski - his name is V.S.NAIPAUL. i dont know if you guys would be familiar with him. he mostly writes about indians. like bukowski, he is pretty fearless. he has severely criticized hindus, muslims, hinduism, islam, indians, pakistanis and he doesnt have much of an opinion on most of the third world. but unlike bukowski, naipaul is a staunch believer in civilization and the rule of the law.

what i like about both these writers is their toughness. naipaul once said that he was not interested in the emancipation of the human race and only wanted to serve literature.

i dont think bukowski even cares about literature. i mean he had this idea about being a tough writer. but in HAM ON RYE when the character becker talks about wanting to be a writer, chinaski says - "you talk too much about writing".

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