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I really wanted to like this more than I did. I'm a fan of Barrymore (for surviving, not necessarily acting, though she is a good comedic actor), Page and Kristen Wiig, but the movie never really kicked the proper amount of girl power ass.

It was good, it just wasn't great. It really needed an action movie director. No offense to Drew. Good Saturday afternoon schmaltz though. A lot of funny wordplay in the team and skater names.

I want to see GREY GARDENS. It looks fascinating. Big & Little Edie were certainly odd. Ben Bradlee lives in the house now, and had restored it.

I believe that the crazy cat throwing old lady from THE SIMPSONS is loosely based on Big Edie.

I think that real life is probably stranger than fiction. I don't think that you can make a movie with actors that will come close to a documentary with the real people.


I was going to say that anyone who wants to see Barrymore's Grey Gardens should see the documentary first. There is also a second companion documentary with a lot of footage that wasn't in the first. Can't remember what it's called at the moment though.
grey_gardens.jpg bealesofgreygardens.jpg

both are excellent. funny and sad at the same time.

haven't seen the Barrymore version yet.
Just finished watching this movie(Whip It, have yet to see Grey Gardens.) It was only 13 bucks on blu-ray at Bestbuy. Funny, I swore off bestbuy about 2months ago(after not having been there in about 1 year) and now I've been there like 5 times since!

Anyway I really, really enjoyed the movie. I think, more for Page than anything. It was a pretty funny at times. Watching Landon Pigg, the real life folky musician, play a wannabe rockstar was a bit awkward though. He kinda reminds me of James Blunt now, who I hate, but I have appreciated a few Pigg songs. I thought Razor, whoever the actor was, played a fantastic part!

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