Whitney Houston dead and Tony Bennet wants to legalize drugs (1 Viewer)

She is in my top 3 of worst singers in the world.
I don't like her music & can't stand her voice.
Bu that's the problem: she is dead but her voice and songs will never die.
It's a shame she is dead though. She and her ex seemed to be amusing lunatics,
at least that's what I got out of:

[This video is unavailable.]
Yes, he'll be a great singer when he reaches adulthood.
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Really top 3 worst of all time???
You would have a hard time finding one singer any era with better pipes.
How can you not be in awe I mean in awe of that voice when she sang gospel flavoured material??
Forget the hype good or bad-she would have rocked it any era.
I must say, for a Gainsbourg-fan (which I am, as you all know), this scene hurts a bit, (just like the infamous couch-scene with Linda from the Bukowski-tapes hurts any Buk-fan - you get the drift), but since we're at it, here's Whitney Huston and a totally fucked-up Serge Gainsbourg on French-TV (live) in 1986, where he states, he could imagine to have some sort of intercourse with her. ("No, I said, I want to fuck her!")

Seriously. I am sick of the Whitney Houston music. It is sad she died and she has one of the most powerful voices of all time but I'm tired of her. Most radio stations play her regularly as it is.
They say she was on anti-depressants and drinking heavily. That will do it.

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