Who doesn't like a good healthy Big Mac? (1 Viewer)

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If you eat a Big Mac, then you become an ideal human being.
Attempt to create a rather interesting story about how a big mac could possibly change your life/your outlook on life for the better.
There are no boundaries.
Explain how taking a bite can potentially make you a better person.
Can eating a big mac give you enough energy to save a newly born baby from a burning tower?
It can be a ridiculous story, not nearly true.
However, the silent, but not so silent, hero must be a consumed Big Mac.

:cool: Let us see how creative Bukowski fans can be.
Is this an assignment from a creative writing class you're taking? Too lazy to write it yourself?

I can't imagine any other reason why you'd be trying to waste our time with this.
An unknown person drops by a forum for the first time to give the members, whom he does'nt know, the assignment of writing a short story :confused:
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Oops, you loose.
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