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Damn, I know that we are pussies compared to those on the west coast, but that was intense.

We felt it strong in Delaware. Again, nothing like you fools on the west coast, but we NEVER have earthquakes...

Yeah, I know Someone better call Kirk Cameron...

The epicenter was very close to a nuclear power plant, so the good news is that it seems that the plant is fine.
I saw that on Keith Olberman today. Great to see you went with ditzy. I feel proud.

Now you all need a little hurricane to go with your after shocks....
We never have earthquakes in FRG. No hurricanes, tornados, tsunami waves or volcanic eruptions either. What a boring landscape populated with sissies.
Mark, we had a 5.8 earthquake on april 13, 1992 in The Netherlands and they felt it in Heinsberg, Germany
and in several other European countries.
The earthquake took place on 3:20 am and I was doing my drunken dance in a nightclub owned by the Bhagwan.
Or the alcohol or the Bhagwan made me feeling nothing. I heard about the earthquake the next night during the
8 pm news.

1992 Roermond earthquake

On 13 April 1992 at 3:20 am, a 5.3 Mw[13] quake with its epicentre 4 km southwest of Roermond, Netherlands, and its hypocentre 18 km deep shook the border region for 15 seconds.[14] 30 people were injured in North Rhine-Westphalia alone, mostly by falling roof tiles and chimneys,[15] and there was considerable damage to buildings. Ground shifts of up to 2 m occurred, and sand fountains in a few locations.[16][17][18] The quake was felt as far away as Milan and London. The worst damage in Germany was in Heinsberg;[10] in the Netherlands the area of damage extended several kilometres northwest of Roermond. Total damage costs in Germany topped 150 million DM, in the Netherlands, 170 million guilders.[14][15] Aftershocks continued until 31 May
oh in poland there were some tremors too but i'm not sure they deserve to be called earthquakes
at least i have never felt any earthquake not mention a real one
We are now getting ready for a nearly direct hit from the hurricane this weekend. They are not usually a big deal, but we have two very large trees within falling distance of my house, so we will all sleep in the living room. The biggest danger is being hit by a massive tree. We could also lose power, but that is not a huge deal.

We'll just hang in the house and not go out this weekend. We are high enough that flooding is not a problem.

I've been through a few of these and they are pretty mild as long as you don't do something stupid like go to the beach and try to surf the storm surge...

we'll be fine. That being said, the Governor just declared a state of emergency in the coastal area with mandatory evacuation of all visitors and advised residents to be ready to evacuate. We are about 5 miles from the Delaware Bay and about 25 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, so we could get some flooding. To make matters worse most of Delaware is only about 30 feet above sea level and is almost perfectly flat. Luckily we almost never get a 30' water rise, so although some streets may flood (that also happened here last week), there is almost no danger of my house flooding.

We're just gonna chill unless the Governor makes us leave.
We are now getting ready for a nearly direct hit from the hurricane this weekend. They are not usually a big deal, but we have two very large trees within falling distance of my house, so we will all sleep in the living room. The biggest danger is being hit by a massive tree.

We have six large maple trees surrounding the back part of our lot, each about 8-15 feet from the house (which fortunately, is built like a tank). My biggest danger is having a tree hit my books. Tomorrow night it's into foot lockers and boxes and downstairs in the center of the house. Since this is essentially a summer nor'easter, the wind should be blowing the trees away from our house.
Ponder, I was probably stoned doing the night shift. Seriously, I lived in North-Rhine Westphalia in 1992 and didn't feel the earth shaking, but now that I've read your post I can vaguely remember there was something...
In comparison to other countries, we live quite safely in Germany, as far as natural disasters go. We have a few flood waters caused by heavy rain falls and the Saar, our river that goes right through the middle of Saarbrücken, is carrying high water in some unfortunate years. The town has been submerged a few times and will be again, luckily the house I live in stands on an elevated spot of the city.
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We're all hunkered down and ready for this hurricane. Everything is tied down and we are less than an hour until the winds start to hit us. Then we will have 35 - 50 mile an hour winds for the next 30 hours. I'll check in unless we lose power or one of the 100 foot trees within falling distance from our house takes our roof out. If we lose power, it could be out for hours or days...

We have a house full of people that were evacuated.

Still, today is a good day to proofread the upcoming book, Kali Yug Express.

Yeah, and in all reality, we could have damage, but we have insurance for that. The people killed are USUALLY doing something stupid like going to the beach to see the waves or standing outside under a tree. They had a guy just killed when a tree limb fell on him. We're just gonna sequester ourselves and it should all be cool.

You take care, Bill. Good luck to you guys and everyone on the East Coast.

(Edit: a friend of mine in Bethany Beach has been evacuated to a hotel in Salisbury, ML.)
I was outside and saw one of my trees fall in our last big ice storm here in the Northwest. I was doing something stupid: trimming another tree whose branches were loaded up with ice. That scared the crap out of me, and it wasn't even close to me.

If Bill loses power during the hurricane, he'll send me text messages and I'll update Buknet, on this thread.
No news from Bill since about 11:00 this morning. Hopefully they are riding it out in comfort. I'll let you all know if I hear from him tonight via email or text message. He's probably deep into proofreading and not even hearing the wind.
The shit is coming down, but we are all safe. Some leaks in the basement, as the gutters are failing, and strangely water coming through the fireplace. With that much rain and intense winds the water finds a way in. There was an 11 year only a couple hours from here killed when a tree fell on his house, so we have moved everyone to the front room for the night. It is a mess out there and will get much worse before it gets better. I will probably be up most of the night keeping vigil over my family...

We still have electricity and the older kids are watching Avatar...

This one is spinning off a lot of tornadoes. There is one on the ground 40 miles north of here and one touched down 40 miles south of here and wrecked a house.
We made it through really well. Just a bit of water, but nothing bad. No trees came through our house. They said that we still have a few hours until it is all clear, but the rain has stopped and the wind is more reasonable.

All good here.

My niece lives in Jersey City. Apparently it's wet there...

Yeah, low-lying areas got a LOT of water. We are 30 feet above sea level, so while we are not Denver, we are not usually in a flood area... Some areas of NJ/NY are close to the water and very low.

And something pisses me of with these posed pictures. Does anyone here think that this guy really rode his bike thru the water or just posed for the picture?
Glad to hear you came through OK, Bill. Irene pretty much took a westerly path and was little more than an afterthought in Boston.

As for the guy on the bike, there appears to be a small wake behind him, and it would be extremely difficult to stand still and upright long enough on a bike to get that photo, so my money's on "this guy really rode his bike thru the water."

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