Who is Robert Becker?

He is mentioned as a close friend in 'Ham on Rye' and Bukowski called him a great writer that he would dedicate his first novel to.

If Becker is not a person then does he represent another alter ego of Bukowski? The optimistic side or the naive one?
I want to say that Becker's real name was Robert Baume and he died in WW2.

Can't remember where I read that info. Maybe someone can verify it.
Becker's name was Robert Baun, he died in WW2 Its revealed in one of Bukowskis poems called self-inflicted wounds.
Nobody from California with the last name of Baun or Baum(e) died in WW2.

I guess he could have been from out of the state just living in LA and going college at City college of LA? He was an orphan so.


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Also, that poem was rewritten by Martin, so it's possible he inserted a fictional name. He certainly inserted other things into it.

I found the manuscript, the comparison is here.
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