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Who is the best Sniper? (free, I mean) (1 Viewer)

zoom man

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I'm so pissed with action stealer right now,
I should have won...
My sniper didn't work on the last 2 items.

I haven't had any trouble at all with these guys,
Of course I'm one of those free-subscribers....
But so wanted the last 2 I qued.....

Let me in on the BEST,
Thanks guys,
Just how does e-bay work sniping? Do the paid snipers get some kind of preference for bid placement? Or a predetermined last bid?
eBay doesn't know (or care) if a bid is from a sniping program/service or someone sitting at their computer, so there's no preference either way.

http://hammertap.auctionstealer.com has never failed for me, and I've used it a lot (the free service). It won't put your bid in if there's already higher bids on the table, of course. But any time I've had the highest bid it's worked. Like on the Story magazine that just sold - I had a $205 snipe set up for that but it was never placed since the price was already above that in the last 20 seconds or so of the auction.

From time to time eBay changes something in the way their site works that messes up sniping, but the auctionstealer.com people are pretty much on top of changes like that and adapt to them quickly.

There are programs you can run on your computer if you're always connected to the internet, but you have to run a clock adjusting program, or they won't be very effective. Computer clocks are notoriously bad at keeping time. Go figure. I used a program like that for a long time, but I found that the online services are more convenient and reliable.
I figured out what I did....
Another bone-headed act on my part.

A couple days ago I changed my e-bay password and forgot I had to let my Sniping pals in on it.

BTW, I think that Story magazine was a good deal for the buyer and the seller....

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