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well another simple question:
who make the bukowski's books, I mean the edition...
John martin put in order all the poems?.. or was bukowski?..
and other simple: tears?... I saw in born into this when bukowski reas a poem about linda king?...
someone konws which poem is?.. something more about this?
(thanks bill, thanks)
Almost all of the poetry collections put out by Black Sparrow and all of the posthumous Ecco collections were editted by John Martin, meaning he would choose the poems and place them in the order to be published.

In the film Born Into This Bukowski starts to cry when reading a poem called The Shower, which can be found in the collection called Mockingbird Wish Me Luck and also the 1993 'sampler' Run With the Hunted. The footage used was recorded when Bukowski was having a passionate but stormy relationship with Linda King - they used to fight and break up then get back together and then fight some more... so it was a rough relationship emotionally.

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