Who is the owner of the manuscript The Tragedy Of The Leaves? (1 Viewer)


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Can't find it in "Search for poems".
So far, I've only seen it in print on the inside front cover
(how ugly to print it there...) of Kevin Ring's Buk special.

Who's the owner of the manuscript, is it Linda Bukowski?

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Do you mean the hand written text, as printed in 'It catches my heart in its hands'?


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
And it includes a Buk drawing of a man sitting in a chair and a woman, standing, and pointing a finger at him.
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I believe it originally appeared in The Outsider No. 3, 1962, as part of the "outsider of the year" award Bukowski got. The poem and drawing were part of three (the others were "the priest and the matador" and "old man dead in a room") analyzed by William Corrington. So, is it owned by Linda B. or whoever got The Outsider archives, I dunno.

I could scan those old photocopies if you want.
Correct about them being in Outsider No. 3, but that is dated Spring, 1963. If you can't get good scans from the photocopies, I have some photos of these from my copy of the book, but they do have a bit of fish-eye and book binding curve to them.

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