Who Killed Charles Bukowski? Simbolica 27 (1966) (1 Viewer)


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Here are scans from Simbolica 27 (Tiburon, 1966) featuring the poem Who Killed Charles Bukowski?




thanks, Jason. Was it published in 1960? Dorbin suggests 1962, but he's not sure about it.

And do you have Simbolica #22? That seems to be an elusive issue...
Thanks for pointing that out. First off, 1960 was a typo on my part, but in looking again I think it was published much later than Dorbin's estimation. There's no date printed in the publication, but several things lead me to belive it could have been printed as late as 1967. In the magazines received section the editor lists having received a copy of Ole: although it doesn't state which issue, we know that Blazek didn't start publishing that mag until 1964 when the first issue came out. The editor also mentions having received Earth but again doesn't state which issue, but the first issue didn't come out until 1965. Lastly, there's a postmark on the back of this issue from when it was mailed to the editor of Black Sun in 1967. This suggest that this issue of Simbolica was published between 1965 and 1967...
1966 seems like a fair number to pin down then. I'll change the date in the thread title.

I like this one, it's crazy.

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