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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Is the guy who posts as Purple Stickpin the bass player in this group?

Heatwave -I think he's too young but you never know. Some people lie about there age on line. He is a classically trained bassist.;)

We do love Purple Stickpin.
OK - but your denial only raises more questions:

Did you ever own a pair of groovy, swirly bellbottoms like that ?
Did you ever sport a porn-star mustache ?
If Heatwave re-united, would you consider returning to your role as bassist ?
1. Yes; 1972, and I was 8-9 years old. How hip is that?
2. Yes; well, maybe would be more accurate.
3. That's the musical equivalent of "have you stopped beating your wife yet?"
I used to play that song in a my first band in 76 or so but I was a guitarist then not a bassist as I am now.

I probably looked a lot like the bass guy in 74 anyways.
Well, I know you're a fancy schmancy prog rock guy but I've almost always played for the loot not the love.

That was my first band and we played church dances-this was when Sat Night Fever was big and we did three songs from it. Our big number, besides Freebird, was Disco Inferno with a strobe light (all this is true):eek:

Now you all know why I am the way I am.
Purple Stickpin -

Again, your avoidance of question Number 3 only adds more fuel to the fire about this controversy. According to the polls, there are many Americans out there who don't believe you are qualified under the Constitution to serve in your role as a non-member of Heatwave. They are saying you could put an end to this mystery right now by simply producing an authentic certificate of non-membership. What do you say to these people ?
I don't like disco but there's some that ok and this song I like. Nice bass line really and funk guitar.

I'm not sure if Stickpin's the bassist but I do know his father is from Kenya.
LOL! Kenya.

now take a minute and enjoy this fine top notch disco music. It reminds me of Scotch soda and girls who want to have fun. The 70s were a weird dream. Great bass playing here for sure. Even for an 8 year old dude.

Hey or which use to load the dance floors all over America in the day.

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