Who says Los Angeles has no history (1 Viewer)

I loved this part: " ... behind one wall they found a neon light -- it was on, and had been quietly glowing behind the wall for about 70 years. He's dubbed it the "Eternal Neon," adding that the light has no switch and must be hard-wired into a panel deep in the brick."

Designed when electricity was so cheap nobody thought about preventing waste. And the panel is deep in brick? So if you want access to that panel, you have to get out the sled hammer. Clever.
..."quietly glowing behind the wall for about 70 years" haunts me and inspires me at the same time. I hope this developer succeeds at everything the original owner had planned.
on a related note, we are renovating the first floor of our house and found fragments of a local newspaper used to line the walls from 1894. awesome.
Big Willie Robinson III, who founded the International Brotherhood of Street Racers, passed away a few days ago. I remember reading about him back in 1968 in one of those drag racing magazines. The link includes a 1977 Eyewitness News feature on Big Willie and the Brotherhood.

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