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stop the penistry
i'm fucking OBSESSED with this show, after binge-listening to the first 8 episodes a week ago (i'm always late to the party when it comes to whatever is 'hip'/'current'/'cool to hate because it's popular') and now i'm starting again because i'm forcing @jordan to listen now as well.

who wants to talk about this?

who's lying? the only thing i or anyone seesm to definitely know is that jay was involved in the murder, whether or not his story is true is up in the air. there are so many small but significant holes in this thing:

- jay and adnan weren't BFFs but jay regularly borrowed adnan's car??
- why did adnan need to leave his brand new (and novel; it was '99) cell ph with jay that day? if jay was simply picking him up after practise, he knew what time that was gonna be, no need for adnan to contact him
- why is jay spending the whole afternoon/evening trekking around with adnan when it's his gf's (whom he's supposedly madly in love with) birthday?
- adnan says he can't remember really anything from that day bc it was probably just like any other - except that it wasn't: it was stephanie's (jay's gf, adnan's close friend) birthday and he received calls that night from family and the cops about hae being missing
- adnan originally stated when first questioned by police that he HAD asked hae for a ride home that day. but then he categorically denies it later, as if that was something he would never do. either he did ask for a ride bc jay couldn't pick him up and he's forgotten, or he's lying
- how was hae possibly killed in such a short amount of time?? and without their being trace amounts of dna under her nails? and without anyone seeing a damn thing?
- every piece of circumstantial evidence seems to get by on the slimmest of margins
- wtf is the motive for either jay or adnan???? the only remotely reasonable motive i've seen suggested is that hae knew jay had cheated on stephanie and was threatening to tell
I just got a podcast listening app (called Pocket Casts -- because I'm always late to the party when it comes to whatever is 'hip'/'current'/'cool to hate' because it's popular) and the only thing on it so far is WTF, so I'll find this Serial you rave about.
It made it to The New Yorker. So that's, um, something.

haha i want everyone i know to listen to it so we can talk about it - i'm OBSESSED. i've already listened to every episode twice, and i'm going to listen a third time and take notes.
I'm listening to the first episode and a couple of things seem obvious: there was no evidence against that kid, and his lawyer seemed incompetent.

I don't know that the first episode was compelling enough to draw me in for 8 or 9 more hours.
ok they get to the lawyer in ep 10, and there's more to that part of the story than you think. she was still quite shit in a lot ways, though.

yeah, the whole 'beyond a reasonable doubt' clearly went out the window here. as yet, there hasn't been an episode on the forensics of the case, so i'm hoping that gets broached.

if you listen to at least 3 more episodes, i will send you and carol my special double chocolate hazelnut homemade cookies for xmas.

i just really want someone else to argue with about who's guilty and who's lying.
Well, for cookies, okay.

I tried to listen to #2 a couple of times, but I keep falling asleep. That's probably because I'm listening to it when I go to bed, more than it is any flaw with the show.

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