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"Damn fine " avatar "Diane". Gender binarism? Do I go to the "woodpile"? Report it to #MeToo? or attach link to latest designer line of Kurt Cobain tea dresses? Great site. I did in fact make "900 Pounds" in the '80s........diligently trying to scam a laser transfer, 16mm to HD. Making a few changes and hopefully await the Voyager II Golden MP4 launch. Till then plan to stream it to the citizenry. I pretty much labor in obscurity as I'm only aware of 8 or so "authorized" C.B. story adaptations, myself included. Looking for the coven.

do you know P. Roth? (goes back to the Bukowski movies thread) I was wondering if he ever made "Love for $17.50".
thanks again for having this site. long as I don't s---canned looking forward to learning some manners. I always approached blogging, as going to an art opening or loft party where you don't know anyone and the alcohol is free-flowing.

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