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is radiohead the most overrated band of the last few decades or am i missing something?

my friends - all "informed" musicians and so-called artistes can't
blow their loads fast enough for these guys but i just don't get it.


I don't get the appeal of those fuckers either. How did they become so "important" ?

I have no answers. But sometimes I have no pants either, so.....
Radiohead are singlehandedly the most amazing band on the planet and create the most stunningly beautifal and sensitive soundscapes I'v ever heard. Lots of people like to label them as depressing, however lots of people like to label Bukowski a Nazi
Definitely over hyped. I'm not a fan but I don't hate them. The guitar & drum work is pretty nice but the vocals and melodies bore the hell out of me. I feel the same about many bands including The Smiths. I don't understand the God like status of these two bands - but then again most of their fanbase would hate some of the bands I like.
Watch this video and wait a few minutes till Kid Rock took the toilet paper and have a close look on it ;)

Kid Rock - Genius.jpg
Just as long as I don't hear Radiohead they don't bother me. By the way-

Diamond Head
Machine Head
Head of David
Talking Heads

How many 'head' groups are there in music?
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They lost me after Kid A. I actually found Hail to the Thief and In Rainbows really hard to sit through, in just seems that the bands preoccupation with experimentation has completely tarnished their ability as songwriters.
I've always thought that they were pretty boring, and I've never gotten through an entire album of theirs. The whole "look at us, we're pushing the envelope" bit gets tired after a while. So, yeah, way overrated.
OK, I bit. Never heard them before tonight. Checked out six different viddies on youtube. Very ambient. The first thing I listen for in music is the bass part - nearly non-existent.

I get the sense that more attention is paid to the video portion than the music portion. I was reminded of Eno's Music for Airports. Not because it sounded like it, but because it would play well at an airport, especially if I had my noise-cancelling headphones on with some better music playing.


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Can I just not listen to anything on youtube? Please?

I have Edison cylinders that sound better.

Can I get a rimshot?


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didn't get creep, when it was an underground buzz hit, didn't really get anything from radiohead. though a Chuck Klosterman essay on radiohead and 9/11 made me listen to one album of theirs in it's entirety. Still didn't get it. Well, now I'm off to listen to Beck, him, well now, I totally get!

oh, and that kid rock thing was funny.
I saw them at Glastonbury in 97 (I think it was 97 anyway) and they blew me away. I kind of lost them as they went down the experimental route, but prior to Kid A they stood their ground against anyone live.

I always find the hype thing a bit bizarre anyway, Thom Yorke used to shy away from interviews and the band basically blew up because of the press, without what I could see as much involvement from the band. I don't think it was a conscious decision on their part to become this massively hyped wagon, but I could be wrong.

I like the fact they've done what they want to do, rather than churn out the same old record over and over (see 90% of rrrrock bands), even if I don't necessarily like the newer stuff myself.

As to Bass and Groove, I'm sure Radiohead said their main influence was Funkadelic (not Parliament mind) ;)


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Oh and I forgot why I did like radiohead for one second. The story about Miley Cyrus begging to meet them, and radiohead refusing, which resulted in Miley Cyrus doing an interview or something vowing to "ruin" radiohead. That story always makes me laugh, almost as much as the one where Lindsey Lohan had her people beg Jack White to be on one of her albums! Oh those silly teen girls!

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I have been watching and listening to an hour of Radiohead, something called
Scotch Mist, and I think they are beautiful.
Here is the link for anyone interested:

Pretty cool to me, no shit.;)
Radiohead are singlehandedly the most amazing band on the planet and create the most stunningly beautifal and sensitive soundscapes I'v ever heard. Lots of people like to label them as depressing, however lots of people like to label Bukowski a Nazi

I like Radiohead, a lot. But as far as creating the most stunningly beautiful and sensitive soundscapes, personally I think sigur rós takes that crown. But it's personal opinion. A lot of people see Radiohead as self indulgent muscial wankery and I can understand why. Not a really big fan of the more recent stuff.. but yeah, they're different and experimental and I like it.
I recently saw a studio session of them performing songs from In Rainbows, and I must admit...not only did I get it, I liked it.

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