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Elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me.

Not really, but I get Chuck D's point.

Anyway @Hannah , the vibe you created and fostered in the past was what made this forum inhabitable. Everyone cringes at their past, it is a curse of being human (I'd rather be a puppy, but all the jobs were taken). To paraphrase someone, probably Shakespeare; "Twas better to cringe then to have not cringed at all."

Wait, that night have been Cardi B. I get my bards confused.


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the vibe you created and fostered in the past was what made this forum inhabitable.
I would say the vibe we created - all of the core group of members - is the point that matters most in this airing of the old grievances thread. Without critical oversight, the forum would have become a cesspool.

And, not for nothing, but a person with no ego could have never created - or controlled - any of this. So you're welcome. 🙂
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Honestly, I think the vibe was shitty at times. Often, I was hesitant to post, not wanting to trigger a hostile response. I appreciate you owning up to it, Hannah. I like the new vibe. Not that fools would be suffered. And I'm sure I deserved some of the crap I got.


Usually wrong.
...most of the time the vibe was fine. You did a great job setting this all up and running it, Hannah. It would have been a mess without a strong hand in control. The "shitty vibe" was only during certain periods. I took it personally when I felt it was aimed at me, but in retrospect I can see that it wasn't personal at all, just collateral damage from the unhappiness you were going through. And I'm sure my being careful during those times kept me from posting a lot of stupid, ill considered stuff. No harm done.


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I always loved it here, always will.

Definitely wrote this before but when I went looking for Bukowski material on the then youngish web, like, 20 years ago and found the old smog.net domain where the material was hosted at the time, my mind was blown what a well of information this place was. The FBI files, the article by Linda King, the photos ... I drank it all in.

Then it became this place and the well of information exploded ever more.

If you love Bukowski, tf are you doing out there. This is the place.
Mjp created a masterpiece of a Buk site, but his rules and ego diminished his great work and those of others. I prefer Hanna -- and I respect her.
I havnt been here long, havnt said a bad word to anyone but iv had a couple of guys (mega posters) trying to bait me into a response with smarmy smart arse comments It seems the game for a few long timers here isnt the writings of Bukowski but rather trying to lord it over noobs.
MJP wrote an essay to prove how little robZ's opinion of him meant to him. Its bizarre. Its like battle of the egos here.
Who is Hanna?. Is that another site?.
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Who is Hanna?

Hey WALTER, why don't you take some time to read stuff posted in this forum? Then you'll get familiar with its members and with what had been discussed before you arrived and it will all be more clear to you.
Thanks. I read this thread and the honesty is very cool. Im starting to understand the dynamics past and present a bit. I wouldnt tolerate assholes in real life but censorship seems self defeating. I think deleting posts in a casual way is a better solution than banning outright.
Crazy, out of control. erratic, unstable people and posts keep things real. Conformity is the killer of life energy.
I think people in general and the new generations dont read literature in the numbers that used to. Reading books is a thing of the past and ebooks suck ass compared to holding an actual book. Attention spans shortening and the dumbing down of society in general means Bukowski along with all great authors are and will be read a lot less so the number of members here have diminished.

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