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It seems like signed 1st ed.'s of Pulp are grossly overpriced. Not sure why, but for a novel generally considered Buk' s weakest, seems that this is usually priced at $700+. For that kind of dough, you could probably find a "good" It Catches.
Everything is overpriced, in that the sellers are overly hopeful or just throwing huge prices out there hoping someone will bite.

The last few real sales of signed Pulp that I've seen are usually around $250.
[...] generally considered Buk' s weakest [...]
it's so different from all the others in many ways, that it's hard to compare and I believe, the reason why some people consider it his weakest is, b/c they can't deal with that fact.

The reason for the high prizing, however, is obviously because it's been the last book he has finished and signed. It's a sort of 'Deathbed-book'.
I actually love Pulp. Love Hollywod too. But the prices on eBay are absurd. But then again, there are no un-called for signed Pulps ( at least I t think), so maybe that's part of it.

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